It looks like there are some duplication in localization, but it is hard to define the source of error.

2024-04-02 09:47:54,132 [278] ERROR INFRADIM\bpm_db_admin ConfigurationBuild LogErrors - System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added.

   at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentException(ExceptionResource resource)

   at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Insert(TKey key, TValue value, Boolean add)

   at Terrasoft.Core.SchemaResourceManager.PrepareLoadedResources(IEnumerable`1 resources, IEnumerable`1 schemaHierarhy, IEnumerable`1 cultures)

   at Terrasoft.Core.SchemaResourceManager.LoadRuntimeResourcesForSchema(Dictionary`2 localResourceSets, IEnumerable`1 schemaHierarchyIds)

   at Terrasoft.Core.SchemaResourceManager.LoadRuntimeResourcesForSchema(Dictionary`2 localResourceSets)

   at Terrasoft.Core.SchemaResourceManager.InternalGetResourceSet(CultureInfo cultureInfo, Boolean createIfNotExists, Boolean tryParents)

   at Terrasoft.Core.SchemaResourceManager.GetString(String name, CultureInfo culture)

   at Terrasoft.Common.LocalizableValue`1.GetCultureValue(CultureInfo culture, Boolean throwIfNoManager, Boolean useCultureFallback)

   at Terrasoft.Common.LocalizableValue`1.LoadCultureValues(IEnumerable`1 culturesInfo)

   at Terrasoft.Core.Schema.LoadLocalizableValues(IEnumerable`1 culturesInfo)

   at Terrasoft.Core.ClientUnitSchema.LoadLocalizableValues(IEnumerable`1 culturesInfo)

   at Terrasoft.Core.ClientUnitSchema.LoadLocalizableValues()

   at Terrasoft.Core.ClientUnitSchema.InitializePrimaryInfo()

   at Terrasoft.Core.SchemaManager`1.get_DefSchema()

   at Terrasoft.Core.SchemaManager`1.InternalCreateSchema(String name, TSchemaManagerSchema baseSchema, UserConnection userConnection, Guid uid, Boolean fromMetaData)

   at Terrasoft.Core.SchemaManager`1.InternalCreateSchema(String name, ISchemaManagerItem baseSchema, UserConnection userConnection, Boolean fromMetaData)

   at Terrasoft.Core.MetaDataSerializer.d__7.MoveNext()

   at System.Linq.Enumerable.First[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source)

   at Terrasoft.Core.SchemaManager`1.DeserializeSchemaManagerItem(Stream metaData, UserConnection userConnection)

   at Terrasoft.Core.SchemaManager`1.DeriveSchemaManagerItem(UserConnection userConnection, EntityCollection orderedSchemas)

   at Terrasoft.Core.SchemaManager`1.CreateRuntimeSchemaFromMetaData(Guid schemaUId, UserConnection userConnection)

   at Terrasoft.Core.ClientUnitSchemaManager.FindInstanceByName(String name)

   at Terrasoft.Core.ClientUnitSchemaManager.GetInstanceByName(String name)

   at Terrasoft.Core.ClientContentGeneration.ConfigurationClientContentFileGenerator.GetClientUnitSchema(ClientUnitSchemaManager manager, String schemaName)

   at Terrasoft.Core.ClientContentGeneration.ConfigurationClientContentFileGenerator.d__27.MoveNext()

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Thank you for your question. According to the error code, you can see that the error occurs when preparing loaded resources (PrepareLoadedResources).

However, this error can occur in many different cases. Most likely, there are duplicate values in the DB tables.

The best solution would be to open a ticket with the Creatio support team so that we can analyze the issue in detail based on reproducing the error and analyzing the application logs.


Thank you.

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Hey, everyone ! 

Been a few weeks since I've deleted a Application that I've created when I was learning how to do everything around. 

So.. I've created a new application with the same "name", and it got all the "old" data that I'd created...

How am I able to acess these "tables" that store the old data? 

Is there a way to acess and do a "clean up" of everything that I've already done and can't acess it? 

Thanks in advance! 

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When you delete a section, the object still exists in the configuration.

That means if you delete the object, at the database level, the table (like an artifact) where the data is stored will still exist.

This structure completely covers the main CRM system purpose - data storage.

Therefore, if you create a new section and specify the same object name, you will simply link your configuration to the archived table in the database.

If you want to delete records from the table by section, you need to go to the database level and delete all records.

Alternatively, create a lookup for the specified object (in case the object still exists in the configuration and has not been deleted) and delete the records.

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Dear colleagues,


I'm trying to found the system settings or whatever I need to bind the desktop configuration


Please Help




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Hello Julio,

1) Choose the needed Desktop on the welcome screen in right bottom corner and click the settings button

2) Add the new Chart, click "Set up chart" and fill ALL required fields inside of modal window. Save the page.

3) Check in DB is record created successfully by this query (ChartWidget_r2b2wf3 - your widget name):

select  * from SysLocalizableValue
where [Key] like '%ChartWidget_r2b2wf3%'
order by ModifiedOn desc

4) To add image - open settings of the new Desktop (right top corner </> sign) and add "Images"

5) Open Advanced Settings Page, find the new Package with new Desktop, click "+ Add" -> Data. Here we have to create two connections:

5.1 Object - Desktop. BOUND DATA - name of Desktop

5.2 Object - SysLocalizableValue. BOUND DATA - Key  = "ChartWidget_r2b2wf3" (Widget name from Step 3), choose all of them


In the end you'll have new package with 3 files inside (1 Module and 2 Data)

P.S. If on the step 5 you'll receive any errors - do Flushall in Redis.

Thanks Anhelina and sorry, no-code?

Also, my instance is cloud, I have not access to db, is another way to bind this?

Julio Falcon (Cibernética),

It's a no-code method. You need DB only for step 3 but you can replace it by checking if "ChartWidget...." appeared in the Desktop settings list of strings (Advanced Settings -> enter the name of your new Desktop in search panel -> Left panel with different settings -> Open Localizable strings).

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Hello all,


Is there a way that I can control what data Creatio binds automatically when I make saves in the section wizard? I'm trying to make edits to an application and Creatio keeps incorrectly binding a section to a workplace not included in that application meaning I have to always remove the binding before doing test installs, otherwise the install fails.

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Hi Kevin,

There is no such option for now.


But we've registered it in our R&D team backlog for consideration and implementation in future application releases.


Thank you for helping us to improve our product. 




I recommend checking the academy article on Automatic data binding to find more details on how this functionality works. 

Mira Dmitruk,

This link doesn't work.

And I would like to vote for making this functionality optional. We don't transfer Workplaces and binding to our customers - they used to organize workplaces by themselves, so deleting automatic binding is extra headache for us

Kind regards,


Vladimir Sokolov,


We are sending you the instructions once again:…. As you were informed earlier, there is currently no way to control what data Creatio binds automatically when making saves in the section wizard.

However, we have registered this idea to our R&D team backlog for consideration and implementation in future application releases.


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I have a few processes that have a trigger to run daily at 2AM or 4AM. Unfortunately, on my local environment, they start running only after I open Creatio. Also, all processes that have triggers don't work on weekends.


Dows anybody know how I can set up my IIS in order for them to work?


Thank you!

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Ghiu Diana Stefania,

The BP will be executed only when the Creatio Application (i.e., the Creatio worker process is running) running. Unless there is no application pool/worker process of the Creatio instance running, any configuration like auto trigger event designed inside the application won't work.

The trigger should be all day, if the weekends are excluded the trigger wont be initiated.




Bhoobalan Palanivelu.



To remedy this situation, we recommend setting up a ping that will send requests to the app at a specified frequency and prevent it from "falling asleep" in the absence of active users.

The following procedure describes the setup procedure:

Set Idle Timeout = 2 for the IIS application pool on which the application is running. Configure automatic monitoring of the Loader and the application.

Use the free monitoring service to set up automatic monitoring with a frequency of 5-10 minutes.

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Does anyone know why i can't Cancel the modification "Annuler les modifications" ?

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This item is available if the configuration element’s package is connected to a version control system repository.

Please find more information here.


Thank you

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Hello Creatio Community !

I want to resctrict the file formats uploaded to creatio. For example I want to allow uploading only pdf,word, excel, jpeg files and restrict Json files.

How is this configuration done ?

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Best reply

Hello Petrika,


You can refer the Secure file upload academy article to achieve your needs.



Sourav Kumar samal

Hello Petrika,


You can refer the Secure file upload academy article to achieve your needs.



Sourav Kumar samal

Sourav Kumar Samal,

Thank you . It solved my issue.

Best Regards

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Hi Community,


We trigger Generate source code for all items on our on-premise system. But upon checking "\Pkg\[Our Custom Package]\Schemas" in our local directory some schemas were missing what could be the problem? Most of our source code schemas were not generated.

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Hello Fulgen,


Hope you're doing well.


Please try to perform the following actions in configurations:

1. Update database structure where needed.

2. Generate source code for all items.

3. Compile all items.

4. Flush Redis.

5. Restart the website.

This should help.


In case there appeared errors on the generation or compilation step, please check the logs (usually can be found in C:\Windows\Temp\Creatio\Youre_Site_Name) to find out the reason of such behavior.


Best regards,


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Is it possible to delete a replacing schema when you have also created inheriting schemas based on that schema? I've tried this, and it seems to turn the inheriting schemas into being read-only, showing the following message when trying to edit them:


Here is an example set up for this issue:

  1. Create a replacing schema of FileDetailV2 (called FileDetailV2, as it as to be)
  2. Create a schema inheriting from FileDetailV2 (any name)
  3. Delete the replacing schema created in step 1

Once these steps have been performed, it appears the inheriting schema created in step 2 is now read-only for some reason. My expectation would be that, because the OOTB FileDetailV2 still exists, there should be no issue. Does anyone know how to resolve this?




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Hello Harvey,


We do not recommend to delete schemas that are set as [Parent object] for some other schemas. It could lead to unexpected system behavior and further errors. 

Furthermore, we suggest performing  [Compile all items] and [Compile modified items] actions when deleting schemas and packages from the [Configuration] section. 


Best regards, 


Olga Avis,


Thanks for your reply. I think the same issue could be reached by doing step 2 first, and then creating a replacing schema of the schema that inherits from, and then realising this wasn't what you wanted so you delete the replacing schema. In this case, you could break things without knowing, since on a larger project you may not be aware of every schema which inherits from another schema.


Is there any way to bypass this warning message, since it doesn't describe the situation (the schema isn't 3rd party and wasn't installed from a file archive)?




Harvey Adcock,

It seems that your schema and the package of this schema is locked and as a result you are not able to modify it. We cannot provide you with the script that unlocks the package and the schema, but you can email us at and provide us with the link to the app, the name of the package and schema and we will unlock it for you.


Best regards,


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After I created a Business Process, somehow it caused my custom page "Concert Programs" to lose the list of values/records and they no longer display.  I deleted the process hoping this would fix it, but have not been able to fix the issue.  My custom page gets the error in the screenshot. (Cannot read "attribute" property of undefined) .  I investigated the code which I also have a screenshot and it appears my custom entity "UsrConcertPrograms" is missing from the list.  Can you point me in the direction to resolve?  Thank you.

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Dear Darlene, 


If it is dev environment or you don't have any important data created after the issue occurred, probably the best and the fastest option would be to roll back to the backup made before the issue occurred (if the site is in cloud the backups are made daily, if you have on-site installation it depends on your configuration). If rolling back is not an option for you, you can try to generate the source code for all and compile all in configuration, it may help. If the issue would still occur after that, the issue needs to be debugged to fix it:

As you've mentioned that your custom entity is missing most likely it is either removed completely and in this case, you can try to recreate it. Also, one of the possibilities is that the corresponding SysModule record was removed, In this case, you can restore it following the steps in the community article below (please note that most likely SysModuleEntity and SysModuleEdit records still exist, however they may have been removed as well):

If you would need help with this please contact support at because it is hard to tell the exact root cause in your case without debugging the issue.

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