IIS Configuration for daily processes to work



I have a few processes that have a trigger to run daily at 2AM or 4AM. Unfortunately, on my local environment, they start running only after I open Creatio. Also, all processes that have triggers don't work on weekends.


Dows anybody know how I can set up my IIS in order for them to work?


Thank you!

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Ghiu Diana Stefania,

The BP will be executed only when the Creatio Application (i.e., the Creatio worker process is running) running. Unless there is no application pool/worker process of the Creatio instance running, any configuration like auto trigger event designed inside the application won't work.

The trigger should be all day, if the weekends are excluded the trigger wont be initiated.




Bhoobalan Palanivelu.



To remedy this situation, we recommend setting up a ping that will send requests to the app at a specified frequency and prevent it from "falling asleep" in the absence of active users.

The following procedure describes the setup procedure:

Set Idle Timeout = 2 for the IIS application pool on which the application is running. Configure automatic monitoring of the Loader and the application.

Use the free monitoring service https://uptimerobot.com/ to set up automatic monitoring with a frequency of 5-10 minutes.

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