Dear colleagues,


Somebody tries to integrate Calendly in your Creatio?


Thanks in advance


Best regards


nobody interested in have an easy to schedule to your clients integrated to Creatio and your calendar?

Most of our clients rather have a native microsoft teams/M365 integration than having to configure calendly on top.

However it is a popular app, for which an integration would be interesting. Or at least, we should be able to have more advanced Zapier integration, little documentation on the possibilities with Zapier

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Creatio site has abundant information about the product features in the academy and multiple discussions about distinct problems in the community.


But, the search box on the site (Academy, Community, Marketplace) doesn't have auto-suggestion or auto-correction.

Considering the search term "exchnage listener", exchnage is a typo for exchange.

It helps if it could display relevant results as depicted in the above picture.


One of the Implementation: Trie search data structure (A type of search tree data structure used for locating specific keys from within a set).

I noticed that multiple community discussion referring/poiting to another community post or academy article as a solution. When a user search for a specific topic and if he/she doesn't get any relevant result, takes it to community forum. Later then exisitng discussion or article is provided as a response.

If the user gets optimized results with suggestion for search query the Turn Around Time would be drastically reduced.

Please let me know if this implementation is feasible!

Best Regards,

Bhoobalan Palanivelu.


Hello Bhoobalan, 


Many thanks for the shared idea! Such functionality is already in the process of development and will be implemented on our Community!


Thank you for helping us to make our application better!

Best regards, 


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Creatio is majorly missing the ability to add sales targets in dashboards graphs. Would be great to see this in the near future.


Hello Damien,

We have already registered the idea for our R&D team to implement this functionality in further releases. I will assign your case to this project in order to increase its priority.  


Thank you!

Best regards,



Amazing a couple of clients as well as ourselves are in need of this functionality :)

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Would be great if the mobile section is using the usage mode from the object to display the filters or hidden it. Same as the web version when the usage mode is "none"



Dear Federico,


Thank you for this suggestion!
We will forward it to the R&D team so they can consider adding this functionality upon future releases. 

Best Regards,


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I had this image that was 500 x 300 px. And it looked fine in normal desktop-mode inside an email that was 600px wide in total.

In the portrait / phone -mode however it looked really square and boxy. Here it was adjusted to 480 x 300 px.


I'd love to hear others users' best ideas when it comes to image-sizes inside Emails designed in the email designer?


My questions:

  • Do you ever use images that are taller than 250 px in emails? Because the get very square in portait / mobile -mode.
  • Is there a function to keep the width:height ratio when adapting images to portait / phone size?



And lastly, I was just thinking about that there are more and more high resolution devices used. Will Email designer start using em or % instead of px in the future?


Hello Jules,

yes we tryed image with width > 250px, i did not notice problem in webmail

you can try in CSS:

on the img tag: style="width: 100%; max-width: 456px;"

LÉZORAY Nicolas,

What do you do for height? Dont you think that images can look a little square on a phone when they are taller than 300px?

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