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When you add a package with some elements into your application. The different objects, pages, processes, ... are not added into your application it would be great that the elements would be added automatically or alternatively you may be able to add the elements manually in your application from the advanced settings.




We have registered this idea for our development team.


Thank you for helping to make Creatio better!

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Dear colleagues


To enable normal users to edit some specific HomePage (Dashboards) in Freedom UI, we need to grant permission to CanManageSolution Operation Permission, but this Operation permission grants permission also to:


  • * ALL Homepages
  • * Edit Page Schemas
  • * other schemas


And this could be a risk to app implementation to give this kind of "power" to some users.


What I'm proposing is to add, link in Classic UI dashboards, permission to some users just to some dashboards/homepages.


Are you agree with me?




Julio Falcón


Hi Julio,

The roadmap does show that there will be the ability for regular users to add dashboard widgets coming soon in Q3 2024. It sounds like it will be a new control type that you can add to a page that allows regular users to be able to add/remove/modify widgets in the same way as they could with classic dashboards. 


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As some world-class enterprise marketing B2B/B2C  tools are capable of, it would be great to be able to push contact segments to platforms like Google Ads / Facebook Ads/ Instagram Ads / LinkedIn Ads

If you combine the ability to create advanced lookalike segments with Copilot AI in the near future, the ability to then use those segments to improve a company's Ads with direct integration to these platforms would be amazing :)

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New Clio release version extends clone-env operation for simple copy your packages from one environment to another. It can be used when you want to try your code on the new version of Creatio platform or check compatibility with another products.


To clone all packages from maintainer(s), run the following command.


clio clone-env --maintainer ATF --source SOURCE_ENV --target TARGET_ENV


If you want to try a new release of Creatio, use the exclude-maintainer argument to exclude all OOTB Creatio packages.


clio clone-env --exclude-maintainer Creatio,Terrasoft --source SOURCE_ENV --target TARGET_ENV


P.S In the future, we plan to release ability transfer features and settings between environments and transfer data sets.

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Sometimes we need to make import to correct only some values in an object. But Creatio requires to list all the required fields in Excel file.


Could we have a feature to set this off for updating records?


Kind regards,


  • Yes !!!! And even decide to ignore certain columns on import, rather than have to completely clean the Excel ?


Thank you for suggesting this idea. We have already created a task for the responsible R&D team to consider and implement such a feature in future releases. The task number: PR-6531. 

Thank you for helping us to improve our product.

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