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It would be really good if you could drill down into the record data within a Pivot Report. Works really well with graphs. Is this dev work in the pipeline at all?

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When deduplicating, it would be great to be able to have more choice in terms of which data we want to keep. 

For example, by default if field is empty and another one filled, it does not give me the choice if I want to fill with empty value or not.

Let's say my contacts have a contract number. Old version of contact is a client with contract number, new version of contact has no client number anymore.

The system does not allow me to select blank value as value of choice. It will take the old contract number that I do not want to keep...




We have registered your idea for implementation in future releases. 
Thank you for making our product better. 

Best regards

Orkhan Gojaev

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Please provide the ability to set the Web Service Base Address as a parameter or, even better, as a System Setting.

Many APIs will have a different base address for each customer system. An example of this is the Jira API where the base address would be customername.atlassian.com. This makes it impossible to create a generic integration using Creatio no-code web services since the base address is not editable as the package containing the web services would be locked. The end result is that either (1) you can't use web services for a generic integration package and need to create the integration via code or (2) you must unlock the package to update the base address (which means you need to do this again each time a new package is installed) or (3) you need to copy the web service, which now means you also need to copy the processes using it and setup the web services in the process to use the copy, however, this breaks the ability to get any future updates from new packages.

At minimum, allow the Base Address to be edited for a web service in a locked package without copying the web services - however being able to use a system setting would be great since that is where username & passwords are typically stored for the web service as well.

This seems like a low-effort thing for Creatio to add and would make creating generic integrations for the marketplace much easier.

If anyone knows any hacks to update the base address for web services in a locked package I would love to hear it.

Thank you.


Hello Ryan,


Thank you for your idea and detailed explanation!
We've registered a query for our responsible R&D team to consider implementing the described changes for the web-services functionality in the upcoming releases. 

Thank you once again for helping us to make our Application better!
Best regards,

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Hi Creatio team,


It would be good if the autonumber only took the next number from the created records. 


Currently if you open a page to create a record but then close/cancel, that number is lost. This functionality isn't great for objects like Invoices, where the requirement is usually to have a sequential numbering of records. 




Hi Hurry,
If you make autonumbering process in the object after Save, you will get correct numbers.
So, we just remove these methods from Pages and implement them in Objects

Kind regards,

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A very simple idea that will significantly improve UX.
The system has been using lists without pages in the interface for a long time.
BUT they always loaded new records only after the user scrolled to the last record. In modern interfaces, the best solution has long been adopted with preloading data so that the user does not have to wait for loading after he has already reached the end of the loaded list.

Implementing preloading list entries can save thousands of hours for your users to wait for list entries to load again.
This waiting is a very annoying UI behavior.



Thank you so much for your idea. We've registered it in our R&D team backlog for consideration and implementation in future application releases. Thank you for helping us to improve our product. 

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