I have two requests regarding the feed's.


We have replaced using Teams and Slack in deference to feed as we want to ensure that all communication regarding cases and opportunities are tracked.  


We know that a new feed communication has come in via the right side pane and the orange notification, but once we open that up, there is no indication of what is new, and what have I already seen.  


If we could (a) have the field bolded until it is read, that would be extremely helpful.  OR, if we could have some way to "mark as processed" the feed, it would be helpful for us but not as efficient as option (a).


Second, it would be awesome if we could have the option to see all conversations, as opposed to having to search to see if there is a reply to my comment in feed. 


We are finding that feed's are "falling through the cracks" within our processes.


Thank you


Dear Mike,


Thank you for your ideas. We will register them in our backlog for implementation in future versions.




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With the new designer it is not possible to change the default value when the value is not anymore in the list of values of the lookup.


Create a lookup field, then add a value in the list of value and setup a default value in the field. Delete the lookup value in the list then when saving the record you get an integrity error : The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint ...


In earlier version you were able to change the default value in the designer but now it is not possible anymore when changing the value you got the load turning and you cannot change the default value.


It would be a great idea to apply a change and not to have to go in the db for changing the Foreign key.


Dear Franck,


Thank you for your inquiry!


Please be advised that the "The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint ..." error message appears due to a deleted lookup value that was previously used in the system.


Please note that it is highly not recommended to delete the lookup value to reduce the risk of such errors.

As a workaround, we may suggest you renaming the lookup rather than deleting it.


If the issue with the error persists we would recommend using the SQL script below to find out to which entity the FK is attached and where it is located.

After executing the script, you would need to find the connection between the section where the record is added with the FK that prevents it from being added.

Most likely the section has a field with a removed DEFAULT VALUE from the system or, that same field was removed which may cause this error.


Please see the SQL script:


OBJECT_NAME(constraint_object_id) AS FKName,
OBJECT_NAME(parent_object_id) AS TableName,
COL_NAME(parent_object_id, parent_column_id) AS ColumnName,
OBJECT_NAME(referenced_object_id) AS RefTableName,
COL_NAME(referenced_object_id, referenced_column_id) AS RefColumnName
where OBJECT_NAME(constraint_object_id) = 'FK0ptyMLPUPcuuJ4DXFRngaggXnqcL'



Hope this helps!


Thank you!




Yes but before the release 7.17 you were able to correct this in the designer. With 7.17 and upwards, it is not possible to change the value in the interface. My request is to restablish the feature in the designer.

Best regards,


Dear Franck,


Thank you for your patience!


Please be advised that we have requested a demo instance of 7.16.2 version of Creatio for testing purposes.


Could you please login and provide us with the descriptive information you are referring to in your last message about changing the value in the designer in prior Creatio versions please?


You may use this link, login and password below:


Thank you for your cooperation!

Looking forward to hearing from you!




Danyil Onoprienko,

Created a new section UsrTest with a field Status populated some values and set as default value : "New".

Then I deleted the New value in the lookup.

Then I was able to change or delete the default value for the field Status in UsrTest.

I took the printscreen for more information if needed.

Feel free to come back to me.


Danyil Onoprienko,

I have noticed this behavior as well in 7.17 (which is different than previous versions). In 7.17 you cannot edit the default value so it no longer references the deleted item (it will just spin and not allow you to remove the now invalid default item)


Franck Lehmann,

Please be advised that the Default value can be set up in 7.17 in the same way as in 7.16. Please refer to the screenshots below:


Could you please check this in your end and confirm?


Thank you!





Ryan Farley,

Thank you for providing additional information on this matter!

Please be advised that upon our testing on a local website we were able to add a Default value to a lookup. Please refer to the screenshot below:


Please be advised that if the issue persists on your end you may contact us at for further assistance.


Thank you!




Danyil Onoprienko,

The issue I experienced (this was in 7.17.1, I've not yet retested this in 7.17.2) wasn't with setting the default value. The issue was when a default value for a lookup column had been set, then later that lookup item was deleted (so the default value referenced an Id from the lookup that no longer exists). In this case, I was unable to edit the default value to change or remove the default - I assume because it was trying to load the Name part of the default value which no longer existed.

The only way I could get around this and edit the default again was to insert a row into the lookup using the same Id as the deleted item (the Id for the default value of the lookup column)


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Hi Team, 


Let us have filters and folders on the main dashboard like we have it on section dashboards.  Ref #SR-0966586

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I believe that there could be an option to include manually created activities in the Business process tasks -menu.


Something like this:

This question has been written about by myself a long time ago here:…


It could have any name that describes the option well


Dear Julius, 

We will register your proposition as an idea for our R&D team so they will consider the possibility of implementing it in future Creatio versions. 

Kind regards,

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Hello Community,


Logging of incoming and outgoing API requests via Custom configuration services in Creatio is a very typical use case wherever system integration is in the picture. Logging the absolute URI, request/response body, response status code, any custom headers added to the request are standard in any enterprise system. 

I could not see any utilities or out of the box features to help log these requests. This is right now done by maintaining custom tables in the DB and logging any incoming or outgoing requests through custom logic.


The following features would help - 

  1. Logging inbuilt into the WebService element. It would help to have all outgoing requests using WebService elements be auto logged in the data base and be available for quick reference on the UI. An additional idea could be enabling a 'manual retry' option from the UI for use cases where an outgoing request failed  even after N number of configured retries.
  2. Utility or helper Classes on the server side which assist in tracking outgoing or incoming requests in the data base. A UI view of these logged requests could also help. Right now, we have to use 3rd party logging solutions like Loggly and write custom logic to maintain these logs.



Our R&D team has a problem registered on this topic on their side so to enable easy logging setup in the application UI for custom web-services and this problem is in the "Accepted" status so we can expect this logic implementation in one of the nearest releases. I will also let them know about this community idea so to speed up the problem solution.


Thank you for reporting this issue to us and helping us to make the application better!


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Thank you Oscar.

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