Hi everyone,

I have the following scenario:
1. I have created package in a environment(let's call E01) that I have committed to SVN from Creatio IDE.
2. I have installed that package in another environment(Let's call E02) from the SVN repository.
3. I've made changes of package in environment E02 but i am not being able to commit changes, option is not available in E02 environment. 


I want to commit version 2.0 of the package from E02 for later installation in E01.

Does anyone know what I might be missing or if this is possible??

Thank you in advance.


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Dear community,


Is there a way to change the width of the logo?

An example is the logo from the Account page, it is square but too small...

I added a custom logo to a custom section but this one is too small.


Kind regards,


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Hi Commnunity,

   I want to data bind the access rights of a sectional dashboard. I tried data binding the sysdashboard object of the particular section and exported the package. I then installed the package in another instance and found that the access rights were set to default. 


Please let me know if there is any method to data bind the access rights.


Thanks and Regards,


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Unfortunately, there is no basic way to import/export access rights from the system since it is a complicated mechanism and it cannot be extracted from the system easily. You can use custom SQL scripts in the package in order to transfer such information. Below you can find tables that store information about access rights:

  1. Sys[SectionName]Rights
  2. SysEntitySchemaColumnRight
  3. SysEntitySchemaOperationRight

Since it is a complicated task we suggest using the Marketplace application which can ease access rights setup:


Please, let us know in case any further assistance is required. 


Best regards,


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Hello community,


How to apply Lookup condition-based business rules in a mobile application?



Suppose if we have a lookup column "Created by" on a Contacts section and we want to compare the Contacts section field "Functional Group" with a required value through the column "Created by" (say Created by.Functional Group = <Lookup value>).


We have tried to apply below code to achieve above requirement but it didn't work for us.



Can anyone help me with this!


Many Thanks,

Sarthak Jain


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