How can I bind desktop configuration?, image, color and so on?

Dear colleagues,


I'm trying to found the system settings or whatever I need to bind the desktop configuration


Please Help




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Hello Julio,

1) Choose the needed Desktop on the welcome screen in right bottom corner and click the settings button

2) Add the new Chart, click "Set up chart" and fill ALL required fields inside of modal window. Save the page.

3) Check in DB is record created successfully by this query (ChartWidget_r2b2wf3 - your widget name):

select  * from SysLocalizableValue
where [Key] like '%ChartWidget_r2b2wf3%'
order by ModifiedOn desc

4) To add image - open settings of the new Desktop (right top corner </> sign) and add "Images"

5) Open Advanced Settings Page, find the new Package with new Desktop, click "+ Add" -> Data. Here we have to create two connections:

5.1 Object - Desktop. BOUND DATA - name of Desktop

5.2 Object - SysLocalizableValue. BOUND DATA - Key  = "ChartWidget_r2b2wf3" (Widget name from Step 3), choose all of them


In the end you'll have new package with 3 files inside (1 Module and 2 Data)

P.S. If on the step 5 you'll receive any errors - do Flushall in Redis.

Thanks Anhelina and sorry, no-code?

Also, my instance is cloud, I have not access to db, is another way to bind this?

Julio Falcon (Cibernética),

It's a no-code method. You need DB only for step 3 but you can replace it by checking if "ChartWidget...." appeared in the Desktop settings list of strings (Advanced Settings -> enter the name of your new Desktop in search panel -> Left panel with different settings -> Open Localizable strings).

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