I have been asked to help with an environment built within the default package of "Custom."

It seems that the previous user did not create a new prefix or package to build out their new objects and fields but rather kept the default prefix of "Usr" and package of, "Custom."


As far as I know, they have kept all newly added elements in the environment without external factors for additional dependent packages.

I have attempted to transfer the elements in the configuration section and have accomplished that, but of course, I will run into compilation errors and dependency issues.

My end goal is to upload this project environment to the marketplace safely. So my question is this:

How can I safely transfer the elements of the default "Custom" Package to a new package that can ultimately be exported for the marketplace?

Thank you in advance for any help someone can provide.

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By default, the "Custom" package is the highest in the package hierarchy and depends on all packages below it. If you want to transfer all schemas from the Custom package to another package, you need to make sure that the new package has dependencies on the required packages.
If the new package has the necessary dependencies, you will be able to successfully transfer the schemas and avoid compilation errors.
The problem is that such a package will likely have many dependencies on other packages (depending on which type of Creatio product it was developed on (for example, Studio has fewer packages, so there will be less dependencies on packages that may not be present in other Creatio environments)). If you want to publish this as an app on the Creatio Marketplace, we recommend following the guidelines described in the Creatio Academy article.

Thank you.

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Hello Everyone, 

We have encounterd an issue where The package has been successfully installed in another environment; however, certain modifications fail to reflect. Upon examination of the installation log, the message "Actions skipped for schema" is encountered for specific schemas. Could someone assist in resolving these errors?

File attachments
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Ensure these schemas are not unlocked in the target application to which the package is installed. Otherwise we will need the complete installation log and the package itself and access to the app to which the package is installed to review why these information messages pop up.

Oleg Drobina,

Can you help us how to check whether these schemas are unlocked or not . 

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Hi all,


We just tried installing our package on our pre-prod environment to test and unfortunately have met an error :


2020-10-23 10:24:19,373 System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path '_MetaInfo.json' is denied.

at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)

at System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Int32 rights, Boolean useRights, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES secAttrs, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy, Boolean useLongPath, Boolean checkHost)

at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options)

at Terrasoft.Common.IO.FileWrapper.Create(String path)

at Terrasoft.Core.ContentGeneration.ConfigurationMetaInfoFileWriter.Write(ConfigurationMetaInfo configurationMetaInfo, String configurationMetaInfoFilePath)

at Terrasoft.Core.Packages.ConfigurationAssemblyFileStorageTransaction.UpdateConfigurationVersion(Int32 version)

at Terrasoft.Core.Packages.ConfigurationAssemblyFileStorageTransaction.Commit()

at Terrasoft.Core.Packages.WorkspaceBuilder.BuildInternalNetStandard(Boolean force, BuildResultType& buildResultType)

at Terrasoft.Core.Packages.WorkspaceBuilder.Build()

at Terrasoft.Core.AppInstallation.Packages.Operations.SystemPackageOperations.Save(IEnumerable`1 packages, PackageInstallOptions options)

at Terrasoft.Core.AppInstallation.Packages.SystemPackageManager.Save(PackageInstallOptions installOptions)

at Terrasoft.Core.AppInstallation.Packages.AppInstaller.Install(String sourcePath, String destinationPath, PackageInstallOptions installOptions, IInstalledAppInfo installedAppInfo)

at Terrasoft.Core.ServiceModelContract.PackageInstaller.AppInstallerServiceInternal.<>c__DisplayClass9_0.b__0()

at Terrasoft.Core.ServiceModelContract.PackageInstaller.BaseInstallerServiceInternal.InvokeWithLogging[TResult](Func`1 action)


Compilation works without errors though.


Any ideas how to solve this ? We are on an on-prem version.


Thanks and lovely day !

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Dear Amandine,


Usually, this error means that IIS user does not have access to all paths Creatio needs to compile the application. Try to provide full access to IIS user and check if it helps by performing full compilation. 


Best regards,


Angela Reyes,

Hi Angela, it was indeed a permission issue, got solved the same day :) Thanks for answering !

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I have 2 environments of Creatio CRM full bundle.

I have created my package in environment 1 which has version 7.16.0. I have committed to SVN server. 

Now I have another environment environment 2 in which I want to install package from SVN repository but it has downgraded version 7.15.4.


The package has all custom objects. All the objects have very simple connections and it only depends on ProductCore package.


I want to know if it is possible to install this package to another Env 2 which has a downgraded version.

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Dear Ramnath, 

We recommend to transfer packages between environments deployed on the same version of Creatio in order to avoid unexpected issues after or during the process. 

You can follow this update guide where updating process is described:


Please update your second website to the same version as the first one before transferring any packages between them. 

Kind regards,


Hi Roman,

These both environments are demo environments. 

It is not possible to upgrade.

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I would appreciate some help understanding this error log. It was produced while trying to upload a package from dev environment to test. Some causes I think could be the package dependencies. The dev enviroment had some weird packages, and I had jerry rig some dependencies because it didn't have the normal dependencies you'd expect. This could relate to a possible issue of different versions on the environments. Any help is appreciated thanks.

2019-12-23 19:28:40,468 Lookup values "SysModuleEdit_SysModuleEditManager_5111a5b8e17f4275a6ce8a590774005d" from package "dmePhase1" installed
2019-12-23 19:28:40,484 Lookup values "SysModuleEdit_SysModuleEditManager_5e09b0b853e74b638b82d20ad05bba85" from package "dmePhase1" installed
2019-12-23 19:28:40,500 Lookup values "SysModuleEdit_SysModuleEditManager_6864a8cb79694e57b55bc29ccf3fa785" from package "dmePhase1" installed
2019-12-23 19:28:40,515 Lookup values "SysModuleEdit_SysModuleEditManager_6a24bfd1cbcf43769f262646a4800c37" from package "dmePhase1" installed
2019-12-23 19:28:40,531 Lookup values "SysModuleEdit_SysModuleEditManager_881ca9be465144bb847c480a1f5213e2" from package "dmePhase1" installed
2019-12-23 19:28:40,562 Lookup values "SysModuleEdit_SysModuleEditManager_ad94d21302524889a132b12015686e17" from package "dmePhase1" installed
2019-12-23 19:28:40,578 Lookup values "SysModuleEdit_SysModuleEditManager_c458e5d7411841828bb819a3360a9b84" from package "dmePhase1" installed
2019-12-23 19:28:40,609 Lookup values "SysModuleEdit_SysModuleEditManager_d5e3b74abf074f4fa5e11a906a435a28" from package "dmePhase1" installed
2019-12-23 19:28:40,625 Lookup values "SysModuleInWorkplace_SectionInWorkplaceManager_327a754f2cfd462eb549b8ef2d237720" from package "dmePhase1" installed
2019-12-23 19:28:40,640 Error occurred while installing data "SysModuleInWorkplace_SectionInWorkplaceManager_4deced996e9545cf8cb2b8d339dd886f" in package "dmePhase1". UId 8728cf34-ca7f-4ee6-99a4-89fc81b5bc46: The UPDATE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FKzsdkQT9ykYN0M2E4ZQ7LhuV0WI". The conflict occurred in database "062683-crm-bundle", table "dbo.SysWorkplace", column 'Id'.
The statement has been terminated.
UPDATE [dbo].[SysModuleInWorkplace] WITH(ROWLOCK)
	[ModifiedOn] = CONVERT(DATETIME, '2019-12-23 19:28:40.640', 121),
	[ModifiedById] = '{410006E1-CA4E-4502-A9EC-E54D922D2C00}',
	[SysWorkplaceId] = '{BC68B7DF-F456-40BA-93C6-1D804F6236DA}',
	[SysModuleId] = '{79567E4A-9076-4EE1-80B3-27917B9D8FF7}'
	[Id] = '{4DECED99-6E95-45CF-8CB2-B8D339DD886F}'
2019-12-23 19:28:40,656 Terrasoft.Common.DbOperationException: The UPDATE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FKzsdkQT9ykYN0M2E4ZQ7LhuV0WI". The conflict occurred in database "062683-crm-bundle", table "dbo.SysWorkplace", column 'Id'.
The statement has been terminated. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The UPDATE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FKzsdkQT9ykYN0M2E4ZQ7LhuV0WI". The conflict occurred in database "062683-crm-bundle", table "dbo.SysWorkplace", column 'Id'.
The statement has been terminated.


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This issue indicates that either SysWorkplace does not exist in your package and when system tries to add section to workplace it face this issue. Make sure that you are binding SysWorkplace to your package and it is installed before package installation. You can read more about binding data here: https://academy.creatio.com/documents/technic-sdk/7-15/binding-data-packages

Best regards,


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Hello Community!

Some time ago I developed a functionality  on a custom package oriented to the version

bpmonline sales enterprise & marketing & service enterprise 7.11.0 being that the development was related to service entities, Marketing and Sales.

Currently I need to upload that development to an environment in bpmonline sales team 7.13.1, and when i try to install my package gives me an error that does not find certain dependent packages for example MarketingSoftkeyEnu.

What is the process that should be followed to implement it and obviously get out the functionality associated with entities of the marketing and service module?

By chance I have installed and unlocked the package in another environment bpmonline sales enterprise & marketing & service enterprise 7.12, where I have another development package. I made a copy of that environment and tried:

1. Set the imported package as a defect and its corresponding prefix

2. Remove items from the package associated with marketing and service

3. Remove fields from lookups in schemas that are related to those entities

4. Eliminate package dependencies: MarketingSoftkeyEnu & ServiceEnterpriseSoftkey

At this point:

* When I try to make changes to an entity and save the changes I get the following error:

Error while saving: Collection item with unique identifier "{AE0E45CA-C495-4FE7-A39D-3AB7278E1617}" not found.

When trying to generate code, compile, etc. I ended up giving the following error:

Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: =. Path '', line 0, position 0.

* Export the package and try to install the package into bpmonline sales team getting same error as the previous one.

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend


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Bpm'online allows transferring packages only between the same version. Additionally transferring is possible only between the same products or from less bundle to a greater one. 

In your case, you'll need to merge the package manually. Try to remove the dependencies from the SysPackageDependency table and then compile the assembly and debug the functionality. Find all errors and resolve them manually. 


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Hi Community,

I am getting Oracle error ''ORA-01691: unable to extend lob segment DLD_CRM.SYS_LOB0000118070C00012$$ by 128 in tablespace USERS" when trying to install custom package from dev to prod instance using "Export to pacakges to archive" and "Installed Applications->Add Application->Install from file" (Please see image below).

Both dev and prod instance are using oracle database.


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Dear Fulgen,

It seems that this issue is connected with Oracle database structure. I think this article may help you with this issue: http://www.dba-oracle.com/t_ora_01691.htm

Best regards,


Angela Reyes,

Thanks Angela, we have already fixed the oracle database structure and we can now install package successfully.

We still have issue with our oracle database, we are encountering Oracle error "(ORA-00942) table or view does not exist" on submit case landing page.


We have already done other landing pages before in bpm online instance which uses ms sql database, and the system is working fine. So we are sure we did the same thing the only difference is that this time the bpm online instance is using oracle database. Hope you can help us, solve this issue.

Fulgen Ninofranco,

Have you checked server logs? They might have the information about missing table. 

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Hi team

I need help in transferring my application package from Development to Test.

I am getting errors and the Application install from Zip file fails. The error relates to Data Binding.

This is my first application that I have configured and customised on bpm online studio. I see in configuration part, the system creates different data binding objects.

I created data bindings for my lookup contents and lookup objects.

What I need help with is to know: List of the objects I need to create data bindings for and what system carry's over as default.

For example:

The system properties, operation properties. Do I need to Data Bind the object and the property.

The Dashboards/Charts in custom sections etc

I have installed the Data Binding tool available on the bpm online market place


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Hi Can anyone provide a little help please . thank you...



In general, if an object you created or modified contains data in it data from this object must be binded to a package. For example if you created new lookup field data from this field must be transferred. This also includes new sections, details, system settings. This article can be useful for you: https://community.bpmonline.com/articles/detailed-description-system-tables-and-tips-their-data-binding. If you made any changes in section wizard, data from SysModuleEdit, SysSchemas and SysModuleEntity tables must be included as well. Usually error in the logs points what data is missing and it can be easily tracked and fixed. 

Best regards,


Thank you Angela. The article is very good and has provided me some answers regarding what should be included in data binding when deploying packages.

I am assuming I can remove all existing data bindings in Data tab and follow the article to add the data bindings again.

Are you able to provide clarification on the following:

I added some data bindings but there are quite a few I did not added (system added and I noticed it has some of the custom objects I created and then deleted from the package). If I delete all data bindings and then run compile all function would the required system data bindings will get added by system and I would only need to add the custom objects as per the document link you provided.

Thank you 



Waseem Ishaq,

I would not recommend deleting anything from there unless you understand what data will be deleted and how it will affect the package. As I already mentioned, investigate installation logs - they must have data about missing values. 

Best regards,


Angela Reyes,

Thank you Angela. The log points to SysAdminUnitInWorkplace object with 6 Errors. Please see one of the Error text below.

2019-04-25 04:43:06,999 Error occurred while installing data "WiSysWorkplaceAdminUnits_41b796040a924d7188a062308589a57b" in package "Jobs". UId 5d313e72-174e-4068-a8d5-2308aa4365be: The UPDATE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FKmlE1TzlpVsXTth5hSlvtUUtQ". The conflict occurred in database "test-campbellcorporateservices", table "dbo.SysAdminUnit", column 'Id'.

The statement has been terminated.

UPDATE [dbo].[SysAdminUnitInWorkplace] WITH(ROWLOCK)


    [ModifiedOn] = CONVERT(DATETIME, '2019-04-25 04:43:06.983', 121),

    [ModifiedById] = '{410006E1-CA4E-4502-A9EC-E54D922D2C00}',

    [SysWorkplaceId] = '{79770671-CDE2-4C0F-9078-A4FF68703DEF}',

    [SysAdminUnitId] = '{CBD52603-2DD9-49E7-8F5B-9B7A5175558B}'


    [Id] = '{BB55A2E0-5747-4758-92EA-3FD87C561859}'

Waseem Ishaq,

From the error I can see that when the system tries to update 

SysAdminUnitInWorkplace it cannot do it because of some FK exception. To investigate why it happened search for all elements of the error message in the DB. It looks like that something from SysAdminUnit table is missing - it can be role or user.

Hi Angela

Thank you for your assistance I have successfully deployed the application to test.

My initial testing reveals I did not package Dashboards and Word Printables? Any suggestion..

How do I Bind Dashboards and Word Printables.

Thank tou Waseem Ishaq

Waseem Ishaq,

You can use 

https://marketplace.bpmonline.com/app/data-binding-tool application to bind data from daschoards and printables to you package. Just use "Bind data" button on the sections you want to bind. 

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Hi Community,

We are transferring changes from dev instance to prod instance through 'Export packages to archive' in configuration from dev and 'Installed Applications' on Prod. But we noticed one thing Printables and Email Templates were not transferred. Any idea how we can fix this issue?

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Hello Fulgen, 


Here is an example how to transfer the email template,

you shoukd just do it similarly:

1.For example I has first instance localhost:8001

I have created a template "Test" in lookup "Email templates" http://prntscr.com/n7t0if

2.Now the task is to correctly bind the template to the package EmailTemplatesTest

Binding can be added by pressing Add button http://prntscr.com/n7t2r5

3. Select object email message template and press OK http://prntscr.com/n7t5am

4. Setup the filter that will choose the correct records http://prntscr.com/n7t60h

For example, in my case, the record with specified Id will be bounded to the package http://prntscr.com/n7t6kd

(You can check what records meets the filter by pressing "Display data" button)

5. After template is binded, you should export package to the archive http://prntscr.com/n7t7sp

6. Install the package to another instance in installed applications section http://prntscr.com/n7tf5a&nbsp;

7. Now the template is successfully transfered http://prntscr.com/n7thai&nbsp;

FYI: If you will have problems with non english templates, try to bind to the package Email template localization object http://prntscr.com/n7t9es

Best regards,


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