7.18 - How to transfer Package elements from default, "Custom" to newly made package?


I have been asked to help with an environment built within the default package of "Custom."

It seems that the previous user did not create a new prefix or package to build out their new objects and fields but rather kept the default prefix of "Usr" and package of, "Custom."


As far as I know, they have kept all newly added elements in the environment without external factors for additional dependent packages.

I have attempted to transfer the elements in the configuration section and have accomplished that, but of course, I will run into compilation errors and dependency issues.

My end goal is to upload this project environment to the marketplace safely. So my question is this:

How can I safely transfer the elements of the default "Custom" Package to a new package that can ultimately be exported for the marketplace?

Thank you in advance for any help someone can provide.

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By default, the "Custom" package is the highest in the package hierarchy and depends on all packages below it. If you want to transfer all schemas from the Custom package to another package, you need to make sure that the new package has dependencies on the required packages.
If the new package has the necessary dependencies, you will be able to successfully transfer the schemas and avoid compilation errors.
The problem is that such a package will likely have many dependencies on other packages (depending on which type of Creatio product it was developed on (for example, Studio has fewer packages, so there will be less dependencies on packages that may not be present in other Creatio environments)). If you want to publish this as an app on the Creatio Marketplace, we recommend following the guidelines described in the Creatio Academy article.

Thank you.

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