Acessing information on a online environment through data

Hey, everyone ! 

Been a few weeks since I've deleted a Application that I've created when I was learning how to do everything around. 

So.. I've created a new application with the same "name", and it got all the "old" data that I'd created...

How am I able to acess these "tables" that store the old data? 

Is there a way to acess and do a "clean up" of everything that I've already done and can't acess it? 

Thanks in advance! 

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When you delete a section, the object still exists in the configuration.

That means if you delete the object, at the database level, the table (like an artifact) where the data is stored will still exist.

This structure completely covers the main CRM system purpose - data storage.

Therefore, if you create a new section and specify the same object name, you will simply link your configuration to the archived table in the database.

If you want to delete records from the table by section, you need to go to the database level and delete all records.

Alternatively, create a lookup for the specified object (in case the object still exists in the configuration and has not been deleted) and delete the records.

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