Hello everyone. Does anyone knows if (and how) we can achive following structure (example) in Printables: 1. Root table: Account 2. Details: Contacts, Contact Communication Options. 3. Word template: Intel Jack Daniels Email: jdanielas@intel.com Phone (348)123-45-67 Jane Smith Email: jsmith@intel.com Phone (348)123-45-67 Basically system should print each contact for account, and then each communication option for contact, before printing next contact.

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There is no basic tool to achieve your business task.


We've registered it in our R&D team backlog for consideration and implementation in future application releases. Thank you for helping us to improve our product. 

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This article is about how to add Account logo into printable form.

1.      Create a new Printable

Go to the “System Designer” and open “Lookup” section.

Find Lookup with name “Pintables”

In the Pop-up window click on “New” button and choose “MS Word” option.

Specify name and section. You can use any section which is related to Account.

I used Account section for example.

2.      Add macros

Let’s add Account Name and Account Logo to macros

Click on “Set up list of fields” in the bottom of the screen.

In the pop-up window look at middle column and find “Name” and click on “>” button.

3.      Add Logo macros

Using this way let’s add Account Logo into macros list.

On the left hand column click on “+” near “Account” ad choose “Account Image” object.

In the middle column choose “Image” option and click on “>” button.

Click “OK” on the bottom of the screen.

4.      Use macros in printable designer

Open MS Word doc. Switch to bpm’online tab. Choose our new printable.

Choose Name” and “Image” macros from the right hand side column and place it on the page.

Click on “Save in bpm’online”

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Helpful how to.

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Hello, I need some help in printables . I want printable to be enabled based on Status . Example if status of selected record is Completed then printable must be enabled.

I have override  "isSectionPrintFormEnabled" method in my section page as i noticed it is the method which bind to enabled value in "initSectionPrintForms" method in PrintReportUtilities . It is not working as expected as printable is always showing as disabled.

Thank You.

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Dear Sushma,

Please find the example of button being enable in the Order section.

1. You need to override your section schema.  

2. Modify the diff of the button. Add "enabled" property to it. Bind it to your custom attribute. e.g.

	"operation": "merge",
	"parentName": "RightContainer",
	"propertyName": "items",
	"name": "PrintButton",
	"values": {
		itemType: Terrasoft.ViewItemType.BUTTON,
		"caption": {"bindTo": "Resources.Strings.PrintButtonCaption"},
		"classes": {"wrapperClass": ["actions-button-margin-right"]},
		"controlConfig": {"menu": {"items": {"bindTo": "CardPrintMenuItems"}}},
		"visible": {"bindTo": "IsCardPrintButtonVisible"},
		"enabled": {"bindTo": "IsPrintableEnabled"}

3. Add the attribute, which default value is set to false. e.g.

"IsPrintableEnabled": {
	"type": Terrasoft.ViewModelColumnType.VIRTUAL_COLUMN,
	"dataValueType": Terrasoft.DataValueType.BOOLEAN,
	"value": false

4. Add custom method, which will set the attribute value to true after status check on initialising the page. e.g.

methods: {
	onEntityInitialized: function() {
	checkStatus: function() {
		var status = this.get("Status").value;
		if (status !== "1f3ad326-effd-4ac3-a3e2-957e7def3684") {
		   this.set("IsPrintableEnabled", true);

Hope you will find it helpful.



Anastasia Botezat,

Thank you for reply, I implemented the example as you have suggested.

It seems that when I am opening the record from my section view, it is still displaying the PRINT button. However, once the record is open, when I reload the same page, it's disabling the button - as expected.

My reasoning is 'onEntityInitialized' method is not available in the section page to change the status of the "IsPrintableEnabled" attribute.

Dear Sushma,

in this case I would like to offer you to return to the approach overriding the PrintReportUtilities schema. Particularly draw your attention to getRowPrintButtonVisible method. It is responsible for displaying Print button in the rows, when clicking on records. As I understood this is of your interest. Please override this method to add status validation. The idea is that this method should return false in case status does not allow printables.

Also, you might be also interested in getCardPrintButtonVisible method responsible for the button in the section header.



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