ORA-01691 Error when Installing package

Hi Community,

I am getting Oracle error ''ORA-01691: unable to extend lob segment DLD_CRM.SYS_LOB0000118070C00012$$ by 128 in tablespace USERS" when trying to install custom package from dev to prod instance using "Export to pacakges to archive" and "Installed Applications->Add Application->Install from file" (Please see image below).

Both dev and prod instance are using oracle database.


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Dear Fulgen,

It seems that this issue is connected with Oracle database structure. I think this article may help you with this issue: http://www.dba-oracle.com/t_ora_01691.htm

Best regards,

Angela Reyes,

Thanks Angela, we have already fixed the oracle database structure and we can now install package successfully.

We still have issue with our oracle database, we are encountering Oracle error "(ORA-00942) table or view does not exist" on submit case landing page.


We have already done other landing pages before in bpm online instance which uses ms sql database, and the system is working fine. So we are sure we did the same thing the only difference is that this time the bpm online instance is using oracle database. Hope you can help us, solve this issue.

Fulgen Ninofranco,

Have you checked server logs? They might have the information about missing table. 

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