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Hello Community!

Some time ago I developed a functionality  on a custom package oriented to the version

bpmonline sales enterprise & marketing & service enterprise 7.11.0 being that the development was related to service entities, Marketing and Sales.

Currently I need to upload that development to an environment in bpmonline sales team 7.13.1, and when i try to install my package gives me an error that does not find certain dependent packages for example MarketingSoftkeyEnu.

What is the process that should be followed to implement it and obviously get out the functionality associated with entities of the marketing and service module?

By chance I have installed and unlocked the package in another environment bpmonline sales enterprise & marketing & service enterprise 7.12, where I have another development package. I made a copy of that environment and tried:

1. Set the imported package as a defect and its corresponding prefix

2. Remove items from the package associated with marketing and service

3. Remove fields from lookups in schemas that are related to those entities

4. Eliminate package dependencies: MarketingSoftkeyEnu & ServiceEnterpriseSoftkey

At this point:

* When I try to make changes to an entity and save the changes I get the following error:

Error while saving: Collection item with unique identifier "{AE0E45CA-C495-4FE7-A39D-3AB7278E1617}" not found.

When trying to generate code, compile, etc. I ended up giving the following error:

Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: =. Path '', line 0, position 0.

* Export the package and try to install the package into bpmonline sales team getting same error as the previous one.

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend


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Bpm'online allows transferring packages only between the same version. Additionally transferring is possible only between the same products or from less bundle to a greater one. 

In your case, you'll need to merge the package manually. Try to remove the dependencies from the SysPackageDependency table and then compile the assembly and debug the functionality. Find all errors and resolve them manually. 


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