Hi Team,


I have been facing an error while updating the package from SVN.

It throws an error stating Schema with Unique identifier is not found.


Kindly guide me to resolve this issue.

Best regards,

Bhoobalan P.

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Hi Bhoobalan,


Please check the application logs at the moment of the issue reproduce for additional details on the error message. Additionally try generating the source code for all schemas and compiling the app in configurations before updating the package from SVN. Also this error message can state that there is a process or some logic in the package that uses the column that was deleted from some object. Try searching anything in the system using the query:


set nocount on
declare @name varchar(128), @substr nvarchar(4000), @column varchar(128)
declare @sql nvarchar(max),
  @newval nvarchar(max)
set @substr = N'BC2E7A0A-2B9E-4A10-BE73-B2FF59752ABF' --INPUT THE ID HERE
set @sql =  N''
set @newval = @substr
create table #rslt 
(table_name varchar(128), field_name varchar(128), value nvarchar(max))
declare s cursor fast_forward for select table_name from information_schema.tables where table_type = 'BASE TABLE' order by table_name
open s
fetch next from s into @name
while @@fetch_status = 0
 declare c cursor fast_forward for 
 select quotename(column_name) as column_name from information_schema.columns 
   where data_type in ('text', 'ntext', 'varchar', 'char', 'nvarchar', 'char', 'sysname','uniqueidentifier') and table_name  = @name
 set @name = quotename(@name)
 open c
 fetch next from c into @column
 while @@fetch_status = 0
--   print 'Processing table - ' + @name + ', column - ' + @column
   exec('insert into #rslt select ''' + @name + ''' as Table_name, ''' + @column + ''', ' + @column + 
 ' from' + @name + ' where ' + @column + ' like ''' + @substr + '''')
   fetch next from c into @column
 close c
 deallocate c
 fetch next from s into @name
select table_name as [Table Name], field_name as [Field Name], count(*) as [Found Matches] from #rslt
group by table_name, field_name
order by table_name, field_name
select * from #rslt order by table_name, field_name
drop table #rslt
close S
deallocate S


And check what does this query return.


Best regards,


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Anyone know why I get this error after I cloned a copy of my prod creatio site and created a test instance. I have Sales on-prem 7.15.2


An error has occurred when working with the repository

Unable to connect to a repository at URL 'https://xxxx/masked/xxx'


RootCause: Error running context: APR does not understand this error code

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Hello Kumar,


Possible reasons are incorrect proxy settings or other parameters of the SVN server, incorrect URL to which you are trying to connect.


To understand where the error occurred, try connecting to the server not from the application or from the browser to the web interface, but from another program for working with SVN (for example, through the TortoiseSVN Repository Browser). If the error is reproducible, then the problem is in the infrastructure, not in the application.


Best regards,


Thank you for the response. 

It was indeed an infrastructure issue. The IIS server not able to talk with SVN. 

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Hi all,

Can anybody out here suggest me an architecture for multiple developers to work on different packages at the same time branching from the same repository? Is it possible without having to follow manual steps?

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Hello Roman,


Creatio does not support branching strategies. The recommended approach for working with SVN is described in this Creatio Community article: https://community.creatio.com/articles/working-svn-bpmonline-platform


However, I would like to thank you for your feedback as we are always on the lookout to improve our products. I have forwarded your suggestions to the relevant department.


Best regards,

Bogdan S.

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I have 2 environments of Creatio CRM full bundle.

I have created my package in environment 1 which has version 7.16.0. I have committed to SVN server. 

Now I have another environment environment 2 in which I want to install package from SVN repository but it has downgraded version 7.15.4.


The package has all custom objects. All the objects have very simple connections and it only depends on ProductCore package.


I want to know if it is possible to install this package to another Env 2 which has a downgraded version.

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Dear Ramnath, 

We recommend to transfer packages between environments deployed on the same version of Creatio in order to avoid unexpected issues after or during the process. 

You can follow this update guide where updating process is described:


Please update your second website to the same version as the first one before transferring any packages between them. 

Kind regards,


Hi Roman,

These both environments are demo environments. 

It is not possible to upgrade.

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The structure of the development with SVN on bpm'online platform is described on the Figure 1.

                Figure 1 - Organizing development process with SVN in bpm'online

1. Developers work independently in their local environments and databases. The developers should not work with the same schema at the same time. They should work with different schemes. 

2.After completing a task, a developer commits the dev package with the new functionality to SVN. Each task should not take more than 2-4 development hours.

3.The developer updates the dev package on the pre-production application from SVN. The developer makes sure that all the newly created objects, modules, data, and scripts appear in the pre-production application.

The developer generates source code for every uploaded item. After that the developer compiles the system "for modified items".The bound data and sql scripts should be installed manually.

After all changes are successfully applied to the pre-production environment, the implemented functionality should be tested. If the testing is not successful the developer should rollback the commit in SVN and restore the pre-production application from a backup. Update the pre-production application from SVN after restoring if it's necessary. If there is no backup, then restore the application from an out-of-the-box system and install the package from SVN from scratch. 

4. If the newly created functionality works properly, then the task can be considered as "Done".

5. Every 3-10 tasks the development team should deliver the package from the local pre-production application to the cloud one via import/export package. The cloud pre-production application should not be connected to SVN.

Note: The cloud pre-production is not required. If the functionality is simple, then it's possible to transfer it directly to the cloud production via import/export packages. Please create a backup of the production application before transferring. 

6. If the testing of the new functionality was successful then the packages are ready for installing to the production environment via import/export

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Nice explanation! 

One quick question: Why should we export the package from cloud pre-production (6) to install it into production? Is it possible to install the original package exported from pre-production (4)?

Thank you

It's possible to avoid the cloud pre-production. However in this way the process will be less stable.

Mohamed Ouederni,

I see no different about the package exported from pre-production and cloud pre-production, as same as your view. The worst case depends on how you manage your release process. If there are 2 teams working independently (implementation team and production deployment team), then the best trusted source is the package exported from cloud pre-production environment, where the production deployment team already inspected and qualified the package content. If the production deployment team is also controlling the installing package, then they can use the same package for production.


Van Ly,

Good point. Thank you.

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Hi Community,


I am commiting changes on my package to SVN repository and I got this error "ROOT CAUSE INCONSISTENT LINE ENDING STYLE" (please see image below), how can I fix this error? Thanks



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Could you please, specify the way ActivityPageV2 was created? Did you change it via Section Wizard or create a replacing module in the Configuration manually?

If the source code of the replacing schema for ActivityPageV2 was changed manually, it is possible that UNIX and WINDOWS line end characters exist in the Activity page edit schema.

You need to set only UNIX EOL. Please, see solution here - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/917392/how-should-i-fix-svn-inconsi…

Hi Fulgen,

I have gotten this a lot. 

Simply open the schema this is causing this issue and save the schema in the advance settings. This should work.

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