Install package using SVN from one environment to another but with different versions

I have 2 environments of Creatio CRM full bundle.

I have created my package in environment 1 which has version 7.16.0. I have committed to SVN server. 

Now I have another environment environment 2 in which I want to install package from SVN repository but it has downgraded version 7.15.4.


The package has all custom objects. All the objects have very simple connections and it only depends on ProductCore package.


I want to know if it is possible to install this package to another Env 2 which has a downgraded version.

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Dear Ramnath, 

We recommend to transfer packages between environments deployed on the same version of Creatio in order to avoid unexpected issues after or during the process. 

You can follow this update guide where updating process is described:

Please update your second website to the same version as the first one before transferring any packages between them. 

Kind regards,


Hi Roman,

These both environments are demo environments. 

It is not possible to upgrade.

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