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We have enabled record permission for an object and based on some conditions we are adding role wise permissions to the record. We want to filter a contact lookup field based on the roles to whom the record has access, i.e. only those contact will show whose associated user falls under the roles to which the particular record has access.


Any suggestions or lead will help a lot.



Sourav Kumar Samal

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To read more information about the permission access and role please refer to these Academy articles: Object operation permissionsFunctional rolesRecord permissions

Kalymbet Anastasia,


Thanks for the suggestions.


But we are looking to filter a contact lookup based on the roles to which the particular record has access. If there are any suggestion specific to this business task, that will be great.




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Hi Team,


We have this case where in to a custom Object - Project, Record permission is set to 2 specific user roles. 

  • One user role, lets say A has the right to read 
  • Second User role, lets say B has the right to edit with "Granted with Right to Delegate"

The Use case is: The Object Project has a detail called Sub-Project which is again mapped with Project object but the relationship is child-parent. 


Whenever a user of role creates a sub-project, fills in the required details and Click on Save, they encounter with below screenshot error message. But if we refresh the same page and again re-add the required field values, save it. It saves with no error message.


In our investigation, we found that whenever we disable the record permission, we don't encounter this validation. We even tried eliminating the user roles added in the record permission one after another with all probability, but it did stopped throwing the validation message until it was disabled which is not as per our functional requirement. Also to be noted, this behaviour is only observed in Sub-Project. In Projects, it works fine as expected.


What could be the cause for this behaviour? There as well no validation written on the edit page of that detail - Sub-Project.


It would be great if you could direct us to solution to fix this

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