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Value of a lookup is not accessible to a portal user but accessible to a normal user.


I have updated operation permission 

I have updated object permission

The Section object (Request) is available in lookup 'List of objects available for portal users' 



But same is not available in lookup 'List of schema fields for portal access'


I am unable to add value to List of schema fields for portal access lookup as fields are locked but as per academy we can add new value to this lookup.



Do let me know any work around to solve this issue.


Thank You in Advance


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Please contact our Support Team at support@creatio.com providing all the details, so that we can take a closer look and try to fix it for you.


Best regards,

Yuliya Gritsenko

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I can change access rights to object in process. But before providing access rights to Document I would like to check whether desired group already has access to record. Is it possible to do it by process?

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Hello Yana,


There is a table in the database, where all rights for the object are stored,

unfortunately, you can't read this object by the 'read data' element in the business process.

The table is called SysOjectRight (SysOpportunityRight, SysActivityRight, etc).

But your business task could be achieved by the script-task. 




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