Applying record permission on a Section by its field Based on User's Contact in Creatio

Hello Creatio Community,

I am currently working with two sections in Creatio: "Contact" and "Line Item." Both sections contain a common field, "Territory ID." My goal is to ensure that whenever a User opens the "Line Item" section, they can only access those records where the "Territory ID" matches the "Territory ID" of their contact.

The challenge I'm facing is that the "Line Item" section contains more than 3 million records, and using a business process to apply permission on these records is taking a considerable amount of time.

Could anyone suggest a more efficient way to achieve this filtering? Any advice, examples, or insights would be greatly appreciated.

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Please note that such logic can be implemented only by creating a business process. 


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Hi Team,


With our current process taking days to run, the system is overloaded. We need a faster solution. Can you propose an alternative approach?


Could you please clarify how you imagine this being implemented? Do we need to restrict access rights to the entire record or just to specific fields, since the values of the fields can be hidden at the client logic level?

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