In the spirit of minimising code/making more of the config declarative rather than telling the system exactly how it should be doing things step by step, it would be very useful to be able to have calculated fields on entities in Creatio. Currently this needs to be done in business processes, which means creating the field in one place, creating the calculation somewhere else, and maintaining the conditions for firing of updates manually. It would be much better if we could have OOTB calculated fields much like many other CRM offerings on the market.


It would reduce issues around data not being updated at the right time, or changes in one place breaking config in others, and reduces processing time/disk IO spent on running business processes that have to read, modify and write data in addition to the data originally being written to disk - essentially duplicating the work the servers are having to do for each record. It can also centralise business logic into one place, rather than having different areas of code/config doing the calculation themselves and potentially becoming misaligned.


Ideally it would be able to incorporate data from other entities, including the ability to aggregate, but honestly just being able to have calculated fields based entirely on data on the same entity would be a big improvement.



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Hello Community!


I'm trying to fill a field with the result of a simple calculation (e.g. field A - field B).


However, when I create the business rule and select "set field" as action, I can only provide a constant value and not a I missing something?


Here is a screenshot of the 


I know that I can use a business process to achieve this, but this would be much more simpler and elegant I think.




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Best reply

It's not yet available in Freedom UI --> Creatio Roadmap indicates for Q4 2023…

I forgot to add that I use version

It's not yet available in Freedom UI --> Creatio Roadmap indicates for Q4 2023…

Damien Collot,

Thanks Damien, at least I know that I did overlook something.

Hi Damien,

I do not have access to the link to the roadmap.

I get this message:


Access denied

You are not authorized to access this page.


Is it restricted?

It is very interesting information.



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Hello Community,

Is there any way in Creatio to read all Entity fields from front-end (including lookups),besides fetching the entity Metadata?

Thank you

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Hello Petrika,


Can you please share a screenshot or a detailed description of your business task?


Thank you!


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

In this case I want that in the Lookup, all the fields (Display Value, not the name of the fields in the database) regarding the application form are displayed. How is this realised Oscar ?

Thanks very much !



Now I understood, thank you!


You will need to preform the SelectQuery request directly to the database from the client-side using filtration needed (this is what happens if you click the lookup, just check it in the "Network" tab of the console) or you can perform the ESQ query to get data from the lookup drop-down. Using one of the scenarios above you will be able to get data needed.


Best regards,


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Hi all,

    I try to use class Entity to save data, here is my code:

DsslmContractActivityLogData logData = new DsslmContractActivityLogData(UserConnection);

                logData.DsslmLogId = logId;

                logData.DsslmSchemaPrimaryKeyValue = item.SchemaPrimaryKey;

                logData.DsslmSchemaName = item.SchemaName;

                logData.DsslmSchemaJsonData = item.JsonData;

                if (!logData.InsertToDB())


                    this.Logger.Info("Create log failed");


The result is always false without any error message. What happen?

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Dear Toan,


Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the root cause of the issue without debugging the source code. Please try to use the “Insert” class instead of the current approach. Please find more information about this class in the article by the link below:


Best regards,


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