Entity fields from front-end perspective

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Is there any way in Creatio to read all Entity fields from front-end (including lookups),besides fetching the entity Metadata?

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Hello Petrika,


Can you please share a screenshot or a detailed description of your business task?


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Oscar Dylan,

In this case I want that in the Lookup, all the fields (Display Value, not the name of the fields in the database) regarding the application form are displayed. How is this realised Oscar ?

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Now I understood, thank you!


You will need to preform the SelectQuery request directly to the database from the client-side using filtration needed (this is what happens if you click the lookup, just check it in the "Network" tab of the console) or you can perform the ESQ query to get data from the lookup drop-down. Using one of the scenarios above you will be able to get data needed.


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