Enable and Disable button when fields are changed in Edit Page.

I need the button that I created "Adjust Inventory" to be visible only when the page is not with altered fields without having the values saved.

So when it is unsaved it will show like this:

And when you have the "Save" and "Cancel" buttons visible, it should be disabled.

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Hi Gabriel,

Can you please check the SchemaPageV2 of your object?
That should have the Button definition in the Diff array and you can add the Visible: false property to it to remove it from your edit page.

Bhoobalan Palanivelu.

Bhoobalan Palanivelu,

I created an attribute to be able to disable it when there is an unsaved field, the problem is that I can't change it, and the page in the two images above are the same page, it is a detail page.


Gabriel Cassimiro,


Could you please share with us more details on the page/detail where you are using this, and the current code implementation that you have for your button?


Best regards,


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