AI generated app a long way off

I have an application that is going through rapid development iterations.  It would be nice to not have to rebuild the app from scratch every time.  A self-documenting application also appeals to me.

Some feedback on my experience of generating an app and why I say this is still a long way off:

  • Form page lists were not created (i.e., details).
  • Section names and column names have to be specified as valid identifiers (not so much natural language).
  • It’s not possible to set the prefix for an identifier for an app.
  • A progress bar was created for one section that I hadn’t asked for.
  • An email feed that I hadn’t asked for was included on one form.
  • Activities section was included which I didn’t particularly want.
  • Maximum of 500 chars for the text description, which is way too small.
  • All text fields seem to be 250 chars, would be nice to define this when describing the app.
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