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We've been working on creating custom branded mobile applications for android and iOS.  Still working on finishing iOS, but Android is done, with the exception of one issue that I cannot resolve.  Everything is branded using our images, with the exception of the launcher icon itself.  I added all of our custom images to the src folder and all of the images in the application were updated as expected (including notification icons). Any icon used for the launcher should be in the "mipmap_xxxx" folders and we have added equivalents in the SDKConsoleUtility/src folder.  We know this is working, since the notification icons are using our custom icons.  As a final attempt, I replaced every instance of a creatio icon image I could find in all of the source repository files and still the launcher icon is the creatio icon.  

Has anyone successfully custom branded the mobile app for Android and was able to use a custom application launcher icon?

As a reference, we've been following the academy article here:  Brand and publish mobile apps basics | Creatio Academy

Please let me know what I'm missing.

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Hello Jeremy,

To change the launcher icon you have to specify the "app_icon_path" in the SDK.config file from the article that you've mentioned

For example:

"app_icon_path": "../res/AppIcon.png"


Hi Anhelina


The config value "app_icon_path"  is for iOS only, according to the documentation here: SDKConsole utility parameters | Creatio Academy


For Android, there is a value for "native_resources_path" that is the path to the src folder with the custom image resources.  This value is set and working as all of other images in the app have been referencing our custom images there. It's just not using our image for the application launcher icon.


Any ideas?


Jeremy Couzens,

It usually works with native_resources_path for Android. The default folder is res/android/res, and folders with resources should be placed inside, as is done in Android projects. The directory can contain subdirectories with drawable, drawable-xhdpi, and other icons.

Maybe the reason is the file type? You can use the xml and webp
In another case, it's hard to understand the reason remotely.

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