Mailbox-ticket synchronization issue.

Hi DevLabs,

As part of our solution we have configured the mailbox creatio market place addon to be the email medium from which we configure their client side emails, the corresponding tickets and their related communications.

Our product solution for  them on this instance has a business process which creates a ticket upon receiving a certain type of email through the mailbox marketplace addon . We track the email and the corresponding ticket through the columns configured through the mailbox section. However we are currently facing the issue in which the ticket and the mailId column are not getting updated, even though the business process related to the ticket creation is working well.

These issues only exist in the prod instance which has been upgraded to  version

Current condition:
Current Condition
Previous condition (working):
Old condition

Any help or early response will  be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


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We recommend you enabling the business process tracing to be able to check the process' parameters which would help you finding the reason why the needed values are not being updated.

If this isn't sufficient, please describe in more detail how exactly your solution works providing the screenshots of the mentioned business process.

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