Integrate Creatio directly to another (webapp's) db sql

Hi all, 

I am trying to figure out, how do we connect Creatio directly to another (webapp's/app) SQL database which is not the Creatio one, without needing to pass through an API.


If we keep it simple, Pipedrive, they are able to provide SQL connections through Zapier, with triggers on both sides (if a change in Pipedrive --> add a column in the other SQL db OR if column added in SQL DB, do x action in Pipedrive). 

How do we replicate such direct (bi-directional) integration with Creatio and another sql db without the need for the other web app to expose or call an API ?



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Hi Damien,

If I understood your question correctly, I recommend you look at this discussion.

As described there, the most suitable solution, in this case, is a business process.

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