I am working on adding new fields in the cases section on mobile application to be visible for a portal user when submitting a case. I have added the fields in page setup via mobile application wizard as shown bellow:

but I still can't see those fields on mobile as a portal user:


Is there a way to accomplish this?




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Hello Mariam,


you can try to clear the cache and synchronize the Mobile app once again after you have created the Case page.


Also, you can refer to the articles on the Academy to find the solution:






if this won't help, we recommend you create a support case based on the problem so our Support team will be able to work on the issue.




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in a custom SectionGridRowViewModel I need to access oa lookup column:

     just like as in

var isPlanned = this.get("FinEntryStatus").displayValue;

     I need to access the "FinType" field, such as in

var isPlanned = this.get("FinEntryStatus").FinType;

I tried to use  "lookupListConfig", but had no success.

          attributes: {
                    "FinEntryStatus": {
                        lookupListConfig: {
                            columns: ["FinType"]



Please help.


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Hi Ricardo, 


You need to use ActiveRow in order to get the value from the registry page.


Please try to use this code :


this.getActiveRow().get("Lookup column name").displayValue - it will return the value 


Please check the example below: 



Best Regards, 


Bogdan L 




Bogdan Lesyk,

Thanks for your reply. 


I have a lookup named "FinEntryStatuses", which has columns, "Name", "Description", "FinType", etc

At a given selected row, with


I get "Scheduled" as a response (which is  the "Name" column displayValue)

What I need is to access the "FinType" row displayValue, not the "Name" row displayValue.

would it be 





Hi Ricardo, 


I will show you how it looks like: 


Lets imagine you are using Contacts section and you have Lookup "Type" of your contact. Here you have some values of this Lookup like "Contact person", "Customer", "Employee", "Supplier". And you picked value "Employee" for your contact.



Then in order this Lookup to be visible with "activeRow" you should go to View page and add the Lookup "Type" to fields which will be displayed. 


After this changes you will see the your Lookup on the registry page with selected value (Type, "Employee") like on the example above.



So therefore you will be able to get the value of chosen Lookup(which is already added on the selected record).


If you debug this code in your browser you can see that value of needed Lookup is visible and you can take it for your further actions. Example below: 



Please make sure that you added this Lookup on the registry page and choose the value for it, because otherwise it won't be visible  and you will not be able to take this value(pic.2).



Best Regards, 


Bogdan L.

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I have created 3 new sections using section wizard and changed name of the UsrName field in all of them because I wanted different names.

But now whenever I publish any new object or compile items, I get this error. Is there any way to sort it out.

I am using demo environment.

Thank you

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Creatio does not like it when the UsrName is changed. You will need to change it back. You can change the title, but you cannot change the Name. You can, however, not use it. If you create a new String, you can change the Displayed Value in the Advanced Settings for the object to the new String you made. This changes the blue links to the new string instead of the UsrName.


Reid Burger,


Thanks for clarification.

I also would like to know if I can change the Required - At application level to No for UsrName.



It is fine to change properties like required at application level to no. If the field is being used as the display value (like the name field) then having it blank would mean nothing would show in a lookup (if its used as a lookup somewhere). 


BTW it's usually a good idea to not rename column or object names and only change the titles once they're created. 



Ryan Farley,

I changed back the names to UsrName using section wizard (which I later realized shouldn't have changed them back). Then I compiled the current workspace from Advanced settings to see if still any error occurs. 

Here are some screenshots

Now The errors are because I changed back the name to UsrName, it says that the old Name - UsrClaimant don't exist.

I also opened the source code where these errors were pointing to - 



But I can not edit the source code in Cloud demo instance.

Is there any way to change the source code or any process to correct these source codes?



Hi Ramnath,

As Reid mentioned, we do not recommend to change the name after the section being created.

If such an issue appears you can simply generate source code for all objects that are mentioned in compilation errors and compile modified items. If all necessary items were not removed this should fix the issue

Thank you.

Bohdan Zdor,

Thanks. I will definitely try this out.

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Section Wizard is a dynamic way to build a system in Creatio to match your needs. Join us during this online user group discussion to learn how to use Section Wizard to create fields and configure layouts for your preferences.

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3 AM my country time, so I will wait to webinar's record

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Hi Community,

How we can set up the section fields per role or per user on back end.


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Dear Fulgen,

The table that stores all the data about each user section/detail columns sectings, etc is SysProfileData table. You would need find the correct section by Key column in this table and update the SysUserId column with the required role/user id taken from SysAdminUnit table. 

Best regards,


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