Has anyone used the Fast Reports?


I'm having really difficulty getting anything, just can't use. 

Can anyone help me please?


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Hello Nicola,

Your question is related to the functionality available within the marketplace application.

This add-on was developed by

So, please, feel free to ask your questions regarding this functionality. 

Best regards,


many thanks Bogdan

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Hello community,


I use the [Process file] business process element to generate custom FastReports to print my opportunities.
I succeeded in generating PDF as Attachments, but I would like to download the PDF instead.


Do you think this is possible? If so, how to proceed?



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Hi Vincent, 

Unfortunatelly there are currently no option to automatically download the attachment using the business process. 
As a workaround you can set up an autogenerated page that would show the link to the file, so you'd need to make one more click to download the file rather then going to the section and downloading it from there. 
In order to build the link please refer to this community post:

I'll also register an idea for our developers to implement such functionality in future releases of the app. 

Best regards,

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Dear Creatio Team,

I am working on Creatio reports using FastReport. It is required to create tables inside rich text of Fast report and upload frx file to generate the output. But the output doesn't show the table in the rich text as it gets shrunk to a single cell every time. I have attached the snapshot of the RTF table in the fast report and its output in creatio.

RTF Table

Creatio output of this table

It can be seen in the output file that all 6 cells of the table are shrinking to a single cell. Is there any problem with the RTF code or in Creatio Fast report integration.I have attached the RTF code used to build this table in the Fast report.Please provide a solution to my query.

File attachments
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Hello Akash!

In order to solve the issue, it's necessary to do the following steps:

On the Creatio side:

1. Create the fast report record in the "Reports" section and create the FastReport data provider source code in configurations.

2. Create the DataProvider source code. 

Once the DataProvider is created data was sent to the FastReport template for further processing. From now development starts which is not related to Creatio functionality - FastReport template logic modification.

On FastReport side:


3.  There is a "Code" tab in the FastReport template designer. There you need to write logic for String formation (here you can find some examples of how to do it…)


Here is the link to the article on Creatio Academy for your reference…

In addition, please check the link of FastReport academy… where you can find information on how to operate with data sources, system variables, report parameters and so on.


Best Regards,
Tetiana Bakai

Just confirming- Do I need to make a table in RTF by writing logic for String formation in Code tab of Fast Report?

Hello Akash!

Yes, you are right. You need to make a table in RTF in the Code tab of Fast Report.

Best Regards,
Tetiana Bakai

Thank you Tetiana for your solution. It will be easier to work for small tables. But I work mostly with complex tables of 8" size and it will be quite time-consuming to prepare each cells by code. In such a case, is there any other lesser time-consuming solution?

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Hello all,


I created a report with FastReport, everything is good and functional, and my data is correctly printed.
My report is accessible at the opportunity edition level, it is called "Opportunity Quote", the output therefore generates a file named "OpportunityQuote.pdf".

I would like to customize the name of the generated file with for example the name of the customer and the date of issue, or ideally with a custom field that contains a unique opportunity number.
Is it possible? How to proceed?


Thank you in advance.



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As for now there is no option to change the file name dynamically or assign some particular name at least Opportunity Quote. We have this task registered in our backlog so this option will be available in future application versions.




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Hello collegues,


I saw the process have an script to generate a MSWord Printable, I need to get one to generate a FastReport printable, somebody can help?


The code in this case to MSWord printable is 

var reportService = new Terrasoft.Configuration.ReportService.ReportService();
Terrasoft.Configuration.ReportService.ReportData report = reportService.GenerateMSWordReport(
    (PrintableId.ToString()), ObjectId.ToString(), ConvertToPdf);
var entity = UserConnection.EntitySchemaManager.GetInstanceByName("labQuoteFile");
var fileEntity = entity.CreateEntity(UserConnection);
fileEntity.SetColumnValue("labQuoteId", QuoteId);
fileEntity.SetColumnValue("TypeId", AttachmentType);
fileEntity.SetColumnValue("Name", FileName);
fileEntity.SetColumnValue("Data", report.Data);
return true;

Thanks in advance

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Hello Julio,


I've noticed that you've already found the solution to this question in terms of this community post. Please specify if additional help is needed in this thread.


Thank you!


Best regards,


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