Fast Report replacement for Creatio version 8.0.3 and higher

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As documentation says that FastReport functionality will be retired in Creatio version 8.0.3, I am wondering if you plan to replace it with other functionality?


Looking into documentation, it seems that Word printables does not allow to create a macros to calculate a value straight away, and FastReport does allow to do so.


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I am also curious if there will be a replacement. 

However, we've been doing some very complicated Word printables using a combination of macros and db views. It's turned out to be pretty powerful. 

You can create custom macros for Word docs. The macros can do queries, calculations, even return conditional text as needed. Here's a very simple example in this article:…

That example in the article only takes a value and returns it formatted. However, we typically will pass an Id to the macro, do queries and other complex calculations and return values, text, etc. Note, to do queries in a macro you'll need a UserConnection which you can get from the session:

var userConnection = (UserConnection)System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session["UserConnection"];

Hope this help, it doesn't answer your original question, but wanted to mention that macros for Word printables is possible and does at least bridge the gap with creating more complex Word reports with FastReports being retired. Also, creating db views and exposing as entities has been very useful for more complex Word reports as well.


It would be nice to have normal Report designer/generator, cause not all customers use MS Word in their organizations. 

Vladimir Sokolov,

I do agree. Plus, there are some scenarios where a Word report will just not cut it. I have some customers that are producing government forms which have extremely strict formatting requirements (that are just not possible to recreate as a Word document) or they will be rejected.

I do hope there will be a replacement for FastReports at some point. It's possible to do some complex things with a Word report, but it's still no replacement for a full reporting solution.

Hello Team


Any news on FastReport's replacement?


I have been using FastReport editions for my opportunities for two years (10 models), my edition models were stable and I had not seen this future deletion pass...

Except that today, I need to create a new model and I can't...

So I'm stuck... But above all, I would like to anticipate the future...


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