Hello everyone,


Could you help me WHERE in the code that Creatio receives the ERROR CODE from Cisco? We have checked "finesse-cti-provider.js" file in Creatio configuration and also the "finesse cti provider schema" but cannot see anything


Really need some help here

Thank you a lot!

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Hi Danh,


We advise examining the "FinesseCtiProviderV2" schema, particularly the "eventHandler" method. This is where the handling of events, including error codes from Cisco, is implemented.


Additionally, please note that for cloud sites, telephony logs are stored on our servers. You can request the logs via our support.


Have a great day!

Hello Alina Yakovlieva


Thank you for your response, but the concept here that we would like to GET these ERROR CODE DATA from "eventHandler" method in real time or near realtime to showing up in the Creatio CRM UI/UX, any chance that we can do that? If yes, really need your guide to achieve that concept


Thanks in advanced

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We have such a situation that numbers of notifications in CTI panel appears, but no notification is shown here. Or quantity of notifications differs from red number shown. And this situation is for many users.

How can be resolve this issue?

Thank you!

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Hello Vladimir,


Based on the shared information, I can assume that the issue may relate to the Visa object.

You may have a record in the SysModuleVisa table (this table stores the Visa's configuration) which refers to a schema that does not exist.

Due to this fact, that there is a reference to a scheme that does not exist, we cannot count the number of Visas. Therefore, the notification counter does not work.

You can find the mentioned record using this script:

select smv.* from SysSchema ss

right join 

SysModuleVisa smv on smv.VisaSchemaUId=ss.[UId]

where ss.id is null


If the solution provided above doesn't solve your issue, please contact the Creatio support team via support@creatio.com, so we could proceed with investigation.


Best regards,


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I am building a scenario for CTI integration using Avaya. I need to extend the functionality of the Terrasoft Messaging Service, for example, redirect phone calls based on organisational role, etc. Is there a way of doing it on Creatio? I believe the TMS is a windows service that is provided as a connector by  Creatio. Is there a way to extend the functionality of this connector by customer/partner? If not, is the TMS source code open sourced for extension? If yes, please do share the link of the source code.


Thanks in advance...

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Hello Amanthena,


Unfortunately, there is no such possibility to configure calls redirection based on organizational roles or functional roles via standard tools for the Creatio application in the Terrasoft Messaging Service (TMS). You can set redirect on the ATS side (based on phone numbers which are assigned to specific contacts/users). Another way is to involve the project development team and to create specific extensions for TMS, but for that we suggest you to contact your manager and discuss the possibility of the implementation of the additional functionality.


On the Creatio application side, you can configure which users will be able to use the telephony functionality and which not. Also by enabling the Avaya connector you will have more convenient way to analyze calls.


Best regards,




Thanks for the reply, Roman! Below are the use cases that I am looking at.


1) Redirection based on organisational roles.

2) Redirection based on user status like "on vacation", etc to a user substitute configured on Creatio

3) Notification to customer service agent on voicemail and the ability to access, read and listen to them.

4) Support for the "Busy" agent status on Creatio-Avaya.


Please let me know if this is something that in your view can be entirely handled through configurations and customizations on the Avaya Server, as I believe this is not currently supported via extensions on Creatio/TMS.


Also when you say "project development team" and "manager", are you referring to the Creatio Professional Services/Product team and partner account manager?


Thanks again for all the help...


Hello Amanthena,


  1. About the call redirection based on different roles: this functionality can not be set by using the available system configuration. This question is better to clarify with the Creatio Professional Services/Product team or/and Partner Account manager, as far as it will require further development.
  2. Redirection based on the user status like "on vacation" or other custom statuses is possible to configurate on the ATS side (depending on which statuses are available for the specific ATS). Also, ATS configurations allow you to set automatic change of the operator's status accordingly to the operator availability and a lot of other kinds of functionality (like IVR, etc.).
  3. After the phone integration has been set up, you will be able to manage calls in Creatio: make and receive calls, put calls on hold, transfer calls, make video calls and record conversations. Anyway, the range of available features directly connected to the phone system which you will use for integration with Creatio application. In case of using Avaya telephony you can't replay the recorded call. Here you can find more information about feature comparison for different phone systems. When your busniess tasks require to use few different phone integrations with Creatio it's also possible to do: https://community.creatio.com/articles/multiple-call-center-integration
  4.  The Avaya connector supports "ready", "not available" or "busy" statuses. For more details about the add-on you can request live demonstration on the Marketplace site.

Best regards,




Roman Rak,

Thanks for all the help!

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