Dissapeared notifications in CTI


We have such a situation that numbers of notifications in CTI panel appears, but no notification is shown here. Or quantity of notifications differs from red number shown. And this situation is for many users.

How can be resolve this issue?

Thank you!

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Hello Vladimir,


Based on the shared information, I can assume that the issue may relate to the Visa object.

You may have a record in the SysModuleVisa table (this table stores the Visa's configuration) which refers to a schema that does not exist.

Due to this fact, that there is a reference to a scheme that does not exist, we cannot count the number of Visas. Therefore, the notification counter does not work.

You can find the mentioned record using this script:

select smv.* from SysSchema ss

right join 

SysModuleVisa smv on smv.VisaSchemaUId=ss.[UId]

where ss.id is null


If the solution provided above doesn't solve your issue, please contact the Creatio support team via support@creatio.com, so we could proceed with investigation.


Best regards,


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