Multiple call center integration


Can bpm'online integrate with multiple call-center at the same time? Is there any conflict or difficulty that we need to aware? Our customer here outsourced the call-center, therefore they have an Avaya call-center and another one which I'm asking their IT. So far I need the answer for all of these scenarios: multi Avaya, Avaya + Asterisk (or else).


Yes, it is possible to integrate with two and more call centers in the application. To achieve a target you need to find a system setting called "Default messages exchange library" and setup its value as needed and use "Save value for current system user" boolean field As a result the system user will be automatically using the needed library. Also this user should have licenses needed for this type of telephony (Avaya, Asterisk, Webitel, etc). Also it is very important to know that if you need Terrasoft Messaging Service for both ATS - you need to create two copies of the connector (for example on two different PCs) and use different ports to connect with bpm'online (so to avoid collision).

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