Tree View in Creatio Freedom UI

Hi Creatio Community,


I am currently working on a project in Creatio Freedom UI and need to implement a tree view for a section or detail. This functionality is essential for displaying data hierarchically and enhancing user navigation.

Could anyone provide guidance or share any documentation, examples, or best practices on how to achieve this in Creatio Freedom UI? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Have you checked the product selection in the order module ?


The object cannot be directly taken from the component in the Freedom UI designer but you can use it if you set as parent the "Base entity catalog page (BaseEntityCatalogPage)" page in your page. 


As restult you will get a hierarchy tree and then you can customize the page as needed. I tried it with the case object and using the account and contact in the hierarchy.


inherit from base entity catalog page


Set the option on the hierarchy tree

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