How to Preserve Client Changes During App Updates on Creatio Marketplace?

Hi Creatio Community,


I hope you're all doing well. I have question with managing app updates and would appreciate your insights.


Scenario: I have developed an app and released version 1.0 on the Creatio Marketplace. Some clients have installed this version and made custom changes to the app. 

Now, I am preparing to release version 1.1 with new features and bug fixes. My concern is that when clients update to version 1.1, their custom changes overwritten or not?


1] What are the best practices to ensure client-specific changes are not lost during the update?


2] Are there any tools or features within Creatio that can help manage and merge client customizations with new updates?


Thank you in advance for your assistance and suggestions.


Best Regards,

Ajay Kuthe

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Hi Ajay,


Let's look at how the customization process works in general. 


When a customer makes any changes to the installed application, your core logic remains unchanged. Instead, the app is extended with a new package where replaced schemas are created, inheriting your core schemas. When you make new changes to the app and customize these core schemas, after delivering a new version to the client, only those core schemas will be updated. The customer's inherited schemas will remain unchanged.


Therefore, custom changes will not be overwritten. However, we recommend supporting backward compatibility to avoid breaking custom changes after delivery.

If you are going through the update process together with the client, we suggest using the delivery process article to build a safe delivery process.

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