Send a Calendar invitation when add somebody as a participant

Good afternoon,

I need to know if is anyway to send a calendar invitation, such us Google Calendar, Outlook event or Apple Calendar when a user add somebody as a participant of an activity.

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Dear Julio,

Unfortunately, there is no such funсtionality implemented in the system. You can try to create a business process that will be triggered when a new participant is added to ActivityParticipant object and then send an email notification using Send email process element. 



Thanks Lily, that's what we did, but I want to know it we can send a calendar invitation instead of an email,



Dear Julio,

I have registered your suggestion for our R&D team. For now you can only send email notifications or create reminders within bpm'online. Both these features can be realised within a business process.



Thanks Lily

Lily Johnson,

hello. What was the fate of this request? Was it taken into implementation? 

Regards. Iuliia

Iuliia Diakiv,

As for now, there are no updates on this task. I will add your comment to it to increase its priority. 


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Hello Justin,


We have added your comment to increase the priority of this functionality request. Future releases information will contain notification about including this kind of functionality.


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Hi Julio


You can create a calendar invite link and add it to the email body if your users use Google Calendar.
Please check out this tool:

If you need to support multiple calendar providers, you have to generate an ICS file and attach it to the email.

Since Creatio doesn't support email attachment by default, I suggest that you develop a web service to generate an ICS file and send the link in the email like this tool:


Thank you



Bump! We are also looking for this feature. 

Susan Samara,


Creatio introduced this feature in the latest release (7.18.5).
There is a new button in the activity participants' detail that sends a calendar invite for the participant.

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