Best Way to Retire & Hide an Object in Creatio

We have an object that we no longer need and would like to essentially retire it by hiding it from view of the users across the system, including from object lists they see while creating dashboards.  I tried checking off the "Show in advanced mode only" checkbox at the object level thinking this would achieve the desired effect but the change would not take after publishing the object and the checkbox shows as unchecked again.


I have a few questions:

-Is the "Show advanced mode only" checkbox the appropriate and best solution for essentially retiring an object and hiding it from view of users?

-Are there alternative options that would achieve the same effect?  I would think changing the object permissions to remove view access from everyone would work.

-Any ideas why the "Show advanced mode only" change wouldn't be taking?

For background, we are on Creatio 8.0.6 with an on-prem instance.



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We recommend using the "Show advanced mode only" option for essentially retiring an object. 

Unfortunately, there are currently no other alternatives to this functionality. 


Regarding your issue with the checkbox not being ticked:

We have tested this logic and unfortunately could not reproduce it on the version in question. As this is a point case, we need to analyse the issue in more detail to provide a solution. To do this, we ask you to contact our technical support team at

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