Hello, everyone, 

Can anyone help if it is possible when we have a shared mailbox that is going to be used for sending e-mail the signature of the e-mail is different based on the user who is sending the e-mail? 
We have managed to set up a signature per mailbox, but what we want is for this signature to be by user. For example: 
* User A: send an e-mail from the shared mailbox with his signature. 
* User B: also sends an e-mail from this shared mailbox but with their signature. 

Is this possible?

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to do. Direct replies should contain some template with macroses in case you want to change the signature for each user who needs to use this shared mailbox to perform direct replies. You can create a simple template containing a signature only, which will be different for different users.  

We've registered it in our R&D team backlog for consideration and implementation in future application releases. Once this task is completed, we will inform all our clients and customers in release notes available on our Academy.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us and helping us improve our application!

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Hi all,

Where can we change signature date alignining automatically on closed won status change date in opportunities ? We deactivate OOTB opportunity process, and it's still changing when choosing ootb closed won step in DCM.



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Hi Damien,

you can find this logic in 'Opportunity' object processes



But I am afraid, you will have to override all this logics in the script to avoid setting closed on date

Kind regards,


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Hi Community,


We have requirements to capture signature in mobile application. A drawing pad will show to where user can draw/write their signature and it will be saved as image attachment of a record. Any idea how we can achieve this?

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There is a couple of recommendations:
1) third party Js libraries can be added as modules in configuration. If we are talking about mobile app, they can be included in CustomSchemas in manifest.
2) In mobile app, there is a way to create your own control. It is called Panel item. It can be then added to the page. Here is the sample adding chart to the page:


Ext.define("Terrasoft.controls.TestRecordPanelItem", {
                extend: "Terrasoft.RecordPanelItem",
                xtype: "cftestrecordpanelitem",
                config: {
                                items: [
                                                                xtype: "container",
                                                                id: "TestRecordPanelItemContainer",
                                                                style: "width: 100%;height: 100%;"
                * @private
                chart: null,
                * @private
                getChartConfig: function() {
                                return {
                                                type: Terrasoft.ChartType.Pie,
                                                colors: ["red", "orange", "blue"],
                                                series: [{
                                                                type: Terrasoft.ChartType.Pie,
                                                                name: "serie one",
                                                                color: "#000000",
                                                                data: [{
                                                                                name: "first",
                                                                                y: 25
                                                                }, {
                                                                                name: "second",
                                                                                y: 100
                                                                }, {
                                                                                name: "third",
                                                                                y: 30
                                                scrollable: false
                * @private
                createChart: function() {
                                var chartConfig = this.getChartConfig();
                                this.chart = Ext.create("Terrasoft.Chart", chartConfig);
                initialize: function() {
                                var container = Ext.getCmp("TestRecordPanelItemContainer");

And it’s usage:
Terrasoft.sdk.RecordPage.addPanelItem("Contact", {
                xtype: "cftestrecordpanelitem",
                align: "right",
                position: 1

Is this possible in the Creatio normal CRM as well? for a custom created section?


Lakindu Yasomith,




We have a couple of marketplace addons that help in working with electronic signature:





Please check them, maybe they will fit your business task.

Hi Fulgen Ninofranco,

Did you find the solution? I have the same use case. Please assist me how did you implemented in detail.



Alina Kazmirchuk,

Does the solution work for Freedom UI too?


hey, did you get answer?

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