When i try to add a specific email address, the system return me the following error:

"This account allready exist. Modifiy email address and try again".

But the email address is not in the list, may be it has been added and delete next, but the email address is not in the creatio email list anymore.

How can i solve this issue please,



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Hello Nicolas,


Hope you're doing well.


If you are trying to add a new mailbox to the system and you have received the notification which you have mentioned before, it can mean that possibly the other user has already added this email to the system under its own profile. You can check the absence of the needed email by running the next query in your DB:


select * from MailboxSyncSettings


This query will show you the list of the already connected mailboxes. There you also can check who is the owner of the mailbox by the "SysAdminUnitId" column via the next query:


select * from SysAdminUnit where Id='SysAdminUnitId_value_for_the_needed_record'


In case when the needed mailbox was already added by other user, you can ask this user to set the shared mailbox (more information about this you can find in this article) if it fits your business tasks or log in under this user and delete the mailbox.


Also, you can delete the mailbox from the database using SQL Studio if the instance is on-site or by using SQL Executor if it is a cloud environment. At the same time we do not recommend to delete mailboxes from the application using other way than standard delete procedure from system user profile.


Best regards,


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Hello, I created a new custom package to build a new custom section and business processes in. What package must mine depend on for emailing from a process to work? Right now my package depends on:

  • Base
  • CloudEmailService
  • DesignerTools
  • Managers
  • MarketingCampaign
  • NUI
  • ProductCore

Right now I've been able to write and save processes, however the process parameters are showing up blank in the email. It works if I write the process in the normal "custom" package, but why might it not work in my new package?


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Hello Mitch,


Please add these packages as dependent packages for your package:








Once done please generate source code for all items, compile all items of the app and everything should work as needed.


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Thanks Oscar. I did get it to work.

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