Please explain what the Sychronization period means

On the Meetings and Tasks tab of the synchronization dialog can you explain what the Synchronization Period means?


Is it

1. the frequency of the automatic synch

2. the time window of things that will get synch'd (i.e. if I set it to 1 week but have a meeting scheduled for 4 months from now, will that meeting still synch to my calendar)


We're seeing inconsistent results and I can't seem to find any documentation (a link in the response to this inquiry would be helpful) to explain what this period is.

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Hi Mary,


The synchronization period is the period of time for which we collect activities. 



When requesting integration, we pass the date from which we need to take activities. 


Here you can check more information:………


Best Regards, 


Bogdan L.


Bogdan Lesyk,

My page doesn't look like what you showed. My options look like this


Mary P D'Arrigo,

I should also mention that even though we have a window set for a month, events that occur outside of that month (scheduled for 6/20/2022 as of 10/7/2021) are still showing up on the person's calendar. I'm just trying to understand the difference between the time period in my version of the synchronization period configuration.


Mary P D'Arrigo,


The main  difference between the time period in your version and the synchronization period in configuration it's just the new UI in latest versions of application. 


The logic still the same - just option to choose the date has changed.


Best Regards, 


Bogdan L.


Bogdan Lesyk,

But you still have not answered my question. We see events scheduled for 5 months from now being sync'd to the user's calendar even though the synchronization period is only set to 1 month.

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