How to use Automatic creating Zoom meeting via Zapier in CRM Cloud login 7.15.3


Could you please give me instruction to use  Automatic creating Zoom meeting via Zapier in  Creatio CRM. I have  CRM cloud login version is 7.15.3.  Can I create Zoom meeting from this. 



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Dear Anusha,


Please go to the and select Installation and setup tab where you can find the instructions. Note the marketplace extension is compatible with Marketing products only.


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Dear Dean

Thanks for the answer. Could you please help me how to use  Automatic creating Zoom meeting via Zapier in Marketing Creatio ( version 7.15.3). Example given in the is not clear enough to understand how to use it.





Please specify which part of the instruction was not clear enough? After that, we will be able to guide you further.


Thank you!


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Hi @Anusha, you also could try the free connector to Zoom I use it and works fine, very simple to implement

Hi Oscar Dylan

Can you please help me how to get below configuration screen while configuring the Marketing Events as in



Hi Julio.Falcon_Nodos,


Thanks for the suggestion, I tried Zoom connector and came up with an issue. Could you please let me know which is the version it works successfully for you. As well as, how  revert to that version from 7.15.3. Previously I added question related to same thing in


Appreciate both of your help on this




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