Haproxy on-site installation horizontal balancing

Hi community,


We have an on-site installation of a customer, where they have setup haproxy as a load balancer that is distributing request to 2 application servers, these 2 application servers communicate with a single database.


Something similar to what is described here:…


We will now pass the customizations that are in one package, (including sql scripts, new objects, etc) from our development environment to the customer environment.


My question is: how to assure that the the package that is installed, is installed in both application servers? As anyone had any experience with something similar and are there any guidelines on do in such cases?




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Hello Luis,

The configuration changes must be moved to all the web-farm nodes (i.e Application servers).

Procedure: Deploy Package to Creatio Web-farm nodes.
In your case, you have two Application nodes A & B.

Step 1: Compile the lower environment (DEV) and web-farm environment.
Step 2: Export the packages from a lower environment.
Step 3: Stop Application node B
Step 4: Log into Application node A, open the Install application section
Step 5: Install the package into Application node A.
Step 6: Compile the Application node A after the successful installation of the package.
Step 7: The updated schemas and files have to be migrated to Application node B.
Step 8: Copy the PKG folder from Application A and replace the PKG folder in Application B: "Terrasoft.WebApp\Terrasoft.Configuration\Pkg".
Step 9: Copy the Content folder from Application A and replace the Content folder of Application B: "Terrasoft.WebApp\conf\content".
Step 10: Start Application B, compile once, clear the cache and restart Both the IIS (Application A & B).

Bhoobalan Palanivelu.

Hi Bhoobalan,


We have followed the instructions and it worked.

The customer tested copying the whole application from node A to B instead of just the folders but the logic was what you have described.




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