Get translated columns caption through odata

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Is there any way throught odata (or via a webservice) to retrieve for a given table, the translations of all columns ?

And if not, is it possible a server side ?


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Hello Jerome,


Here is an example of the odata request endpoint that gets all the localizable values for all the columns of the "Account" object:$filter=SysSchema/Id%20eq%206404D801-E280-418A-A77C-D02B98271499

You will get an array of values where three key columns are "Key", "Value" and "SysCultureId" columns (by the way you can also include the "SysCultureId" column to the request filter). After that you can process with the data received.


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In addition to Oscar's response, another way is to do a POST to:


And include the object name in the body, the body will look like this for the account object:

{"Name": "Account"}

You'll get back a list of all properties for the object including the captions in all defined translations.


Oscar Dylan,

Thanks a lot, I used this:

/0/odata/SysLocalizableValue?$select=key,value&$expand=SysSchema($select=Id,Name),SysCulture($select=Id,Name)&$filter=SysSchema/Name eq 'Case' and SysCulture/Name eq 'fr-fr'


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