Freedom UI get list of task where my organizational/functional roles is the responsible

Hi Community,


I'm trying to build a homepage where I have something similiar to the cases queue's but with activities.


I should see all activities where my organizational/functional role(s) is(are) the responsible role for the task.


Any clues on how to achieve this?


In the CRUD model All employees can see the activities but I need to build a filtered page.




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Unfortunately, it won't be possible to set up such a dynamic filter that would show different activities for different users based on their roles using basic methods. Currently, it's not possible to retrieve roles from the system value CurrentUser.

Additionally, system variables such as Current User/Current User Contact cannot be used in the filter.


We have informed the development team about this requirement, and such functionality may appear in future releases.

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Hi Pavlo


Thanks, it is a pity because it would increase a lot the possibilities and is a "natural" request for many customers


are you sure that the Current User/Current User Contact is not working? we are using it in the some homepages




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