Define record permissions for case attachments

Hi community,


I've got a business case where we need to define record permissions for the attachments of cases.

Employees and portal users both have access to the case object but I need to set restrictions on the filecase object

Basicaly the business case is:

a) if a portal user adds a file, portal and all employees have access to the file

b) if an employee adds a file only employees have access to the file


I tried setting up the record permissions on the CaseFile object but am getting the error:

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

when I try to apply the record permissions.


As anyone had the same issue and have any idea on how to get around it?



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According to the basic logic of the application, the CaseFile object inherits the rights of the Case object.

You need to create a replacement CaseFile object in the Custom package and disable permission inheritance from the Case object.


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