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I am commiting changes on my package to SVN repository and I got this error "ROOT CAUSE INCONSISTENT LINE ENDING STYLE" (please see image below), how can I fix this error? Thanks



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Could you please, specify the way ActivityPageV2 was created? Did you change it via Section Wizard or create a replacing module in the Configuration manually?

If the source code of the replacing schema for ActivityPageV2 was changed manually, it is possible that UNIX and WINDOWS line end characters exist in the Activity page edit schema.

You need to set only UNIX EOL. Please, see solution here - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/917392/how-should-i-fix-svn-inconsi…

Hi Fulgen,

I have gotten this a lot. 

Simply open the schema this is causing this issue and save the schema in the advance settings. This should work.

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