SVN repository authentication error

Anyone know why I get this error after I cloned a copy of my prod creatio site and created a test instance. I have Sales on-prem 7.15.2


An error has occurred when working with the repository

Unable to connect to a repository at URL 'https://xxxx/masked/xxx'


RootCause: Error running context: APR does not understand this error code

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Hello Kumar,


Possible reasons are incorrect proxy settings or other parameters of the SVN server, incorrect URL to which you are trying to connect.


To understand where the error occurred, try connecting to the server not from the application or from the browser to the web interface, but from another program for working with SVN (for example, through the TortoiseSVN Repository Browser). If the error is reproducible, then the problem is in the infrastructure, not in the application.


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Thank you for the response. 

It was indeed an infrastructure issue. The IIS server not able to talk with SVN. 

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