I'm trying to configure 'Save Printable' process element from Creatio Marketplace. It is required to select value from File Schema for File object parameter. But in my case File Schema is empty. 

What should I do in this case? I really hope for your support.


BR Taras

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Hi Taras!
You have to use another lookup, named 'Schema'.
That said, note that Creatio will take the value of the "Id" column with your current setup. However, the "File object" field must contain the value of the "Uid" column. In this case, you should read the value of the "Uid" column from the "Schema" object and pass the value to the "File object" field as a process parameter.

Also, Creatio includes a similar functionality out-of-the-box since version 7.17.1

I recommend using the standard "Process File" element in business processes. https://academy.creatio.com/docs/user/bpm_tools/process_elements_refere…

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Can someone help me with the save printable please i'm having real difficulty getting it working?

I can't even figure what the trigger should be.


Please help!!


What I would like is the Printable Saved to the Opportunity record with a defined name.

I would like the name to be a combination of the Opportunity name and the Account name.

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I have this error.. any ideas? 

Could not load type 'Terrasoft.Core.Process.Configuration.GlbPrintableSaverUserTask' from assembly 'Terrasoft.Configuration, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.

Nicola Wall,


Could you please try generating source code and compiling the system?


Best regards,


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i created a business process that uses the addOn “Save printable' process element”.

After selecting a contact person and the printable, the word-report should be generated and automatically attached to the order.

On my local instance everything is working fine and the printable is generated and attached to the order.

But after transferring the package to another instance i get this error:

An error occurred while applying the value of the parameter "PrintableId" of the business process element:

    Unable to compute expression "[#[IsOwnerSchema:false].[IsSchema:false].[Element:{a9befd22-f3f3-40a2-919e-46e06dc16789}].[Parameter:{cf7d4c69-06f2-47d6-b0d3-209ddb1cf073}]#]", error: Formula value error: Expression expected (at index 0).


I checked all the settings and it seems there is no difference between my local and the target instance.

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Hi Stefan!
We reviewed this add-on and tested your case.
However, we couldn't get the same errors. When I launch the process on another site, I don't have any problems.

I would like to suggest you to double-check the business process parameters and re-add the mentioned parameter anew on the problem site.

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Hi Community,

On my application I've used the Aspose.PDF connector plugin for Creatio! Then, I created a new printable and set the "Convert to PDF" property true, as you can see in the image below.



After that, I create a new process in which I am using the plugin process element (Save printable) and in that element I set the parameter "Conver to PDF" to true but the attachment is always saved as a .docx file, regardless of setting of the parameter "Convert to PDF" be true or false.


Can you help me solving this issue and explain me why the document saved in the attachments is always in .docx format?


Thanks in Advance.


Best Regards,

Pedro Pinheiro

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Hi Pedro,


I apologize for the delay. The [Save printable] element was developed when both .docx and .pdf formats were available out-of-the-box. As such, the "Convert to PDF" parameter is not compatible with the Aspose connector for Creatio. The team in charge does not plan to update this feature in the add-on.


However, note that Creatio released the [Process file] business process element to generate custom MS Word or Fast Report reports in version 7.17.2.

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Hello colleagues,


Somebody using this app? 


First of all understand if it works with FastReport printables, ad if the case:


Could you share, please some tips to populate the parameters? With the documentation provide I have doubt's and, of course, getting errors using it on those parameters specifically:


  • In the case of FastReport, "Convert to PDF" which value must have?
  • "File object" is an input parameter or here I get the Id of created attachment? If not which "File object" Id must I provide here?
  • "Master Column name" is a text, any text? Which is the purpose of this parameter?
  • "Master column value", I understand is the Id of the record where we want to attach the report on File & Links, for example to an Email, ActivityId?
  • "Record ID for printable" in the case of an Account printable (for example), the Id of the account from which we need the report?

Thank you very much for your help

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Hi Julio,



This app only supports .docx printables, therefore the 'Convert to PDF' parameter must always be 'False'.


Here is how the correctly set up element should look like:

No description available.



Thank you for your questions. We will mention that the app only supports .docx printables in its description.

Thanks Ivan, the image looks broken, could you upload again, please?

Ivan Leontiev,

Is also there any way to a new release that consider FastReport reports?

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