Save printable Marketplace App parameters question

Hello colleagues,


Somebody using this app? 


First of all understand if it works with FastReport printables, ad if the case:


Could you share, please some tips to populate the parameters? With the documentation provide I have doubt's and, of course, getting errors using it on those parameters specifically:


  • In the case of FastReport, "Convert to PDF" which value must have?
  • "File object" is an input parameter or here I get the Id of created attachment? If not which "File object" Id must I provide here?
  • "Master Column name" is a text, any text? Which is the purpose of this parameter?
  • "Master column value", I understand is the Id of the record where we want to attach the report on File & Links, for example to an Email, ActivityId?
  • "Record ID for printable" in the case of an Account printable (for example), the Id of the account from which we need the report?

Thank you very much for your help

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Hi Julio,



This app only supports .docx printables, therefore the 'Convert to PDF' parameter must always be 'False'.


Here is how the correctly set up element should look like:

No description available.



Thank you for your questions. We will mention that the app only supports .docx printables in its description.

Thanks Ivan, the image looks broken, could you upload again, please?

Ivan Leontiev,

Is also there any way to a new release that consider FastReport reports?

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