Problem Statement

A webpage created externally and linked to the Lead object of Creatio CRM to capture the response submitted in the webform and mapped it to the corresponding object (say, Lead) to create a record that involves writing code from creating a web form and integrating it to Creatio Lead object which is a time-consuming process.


Microsoft Forms connector was created which enables the organization sales team to capture the lead in a seamless mechanism and nurture to achieve a sale which also enhances the sales growth of an organization. Microsoft Forms connector utilize Microsoft Forms to create a customize lead capture form in minutes and consume Power Automate to automatically capture the form response submitted by the user which is then inserted as a record in an object of Creatio CRM site.

This article provides the guidelines about implementing the Microsoft Forms Connector.

Setup Guide for Connector

Visit the Marketplace for the Setup instruction <Marketplace Microsoft-forms-connector-creatio>.

Microsoft Forms Connector – Creatio

Pre-requisite: Kindly register with Microsoft with a valid account (Setup a valid Microsoft Account) to create a Microsoft Forms and Microsoft cloud automated flow.

After the successful Microsoft account creation, Open the Power Automate of Microsoft ( and select the solutions menu listed in the left panel of the window. Kindly proceed to click on the Import option at the top and select browse to choose the Zip package provided by AgilizTech. Click on the Next button and you will see an import button. Kindly click on import to install the custom created Microsoft Forms connector into your Microsoft environment.

Figure 1:

After the successful implementation, you will see a new solution named Creatio Solution added to the list as depicted in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2:


Setup for Microsoft Automated Cloud flow procedure

Create a Microsoft Form with the Microsoft that was created earlier. A Microsoft form can be created based on the custom business need with any of the below fields.

  1. Text (Paragraph)
  2. Text (Line)
  3. Date/Time
  4. Number
  5. Email
  6. Drop-down List

Share the Microsoft Form URL (Shorten the URL if needed) after finding the target audience and it can be shared Via e-mail and social networks also.

Figure 3:


Setup of the Landing page in Creatio CRM site

Now, create a Landing page in Creatio CRM Site which acts as a medium to allow the Microsoft Forms response to insert as a record into the Lead object.
Go to Landing Pages and Web Forms section in Creatio (available in Marketing & Service workspace) and click on New, then select Lead registration form from the drop-down. Provide the Name*
for the new landing page and set the Website domains* as since the request is sent from Microsoft flow to Creatio CRM (in consideration of authentication).

Figure 4:


Setup of Automated Cloud flow to capture a Lead into Creatio

We will create a Microsoft flow like Business Process in Creatio with its own features. Open the Power Automate and select My flows from the available menu in the left panel. Click on New flow and select Automated cloud flow from the dropdown. Set a name for your flow and set choose your flow’s trigger value* as when a new response is submitted. This helps to trigger the Microsoft flow when a Microsoft Form is submitted.

1.Select the formId value as the form name that got created (all the forms will be displayed in the displayed in dropdown select the required form name).

2.Click on Next Step to create a new step as adding a new element in Creatio BP. Select Microsoft Forms and select Actions, then choose Get Response details, then set Response Id field value as Response Id which is used to collect the values from the submitted form.

3.Click on the next step, select the custom tab in the newly added step and select Creatio connector.

Figure 5:

Set the instance name and formid values. Both these values are obtained from the Creatio CRM site.

*Instance_name – You Creatio CRM Site (yourdomain –

Formid – Your Landing page record id. (It is found inside the landing page record created in Figure 4). Now, bind the form response to the Fields of the Creatio Object and click on save.

Figure 6:

NOTE: The Creatio object field name should be provided in formFieldsData name and dynamic response is given to corresponding formFieldsData value to map the field values of Microsoft forms to the field of Creatio object.

After the successful setup, when your Microsoft Form is submitted, the automated flow gets triggered which has Creatio connector (holds Target site name & Landing Page) is executed and a record is inserted into Lead object.

Figure 7:

Figure 8:


Privilege of Microsoft Forms Connector

This Microsoft Forms connector helps in reducing the amount of time required to develop the code to build the webpage and minimize the amount of time required to integrate the webform response to the Creatio CRM site Lead object. This Connector acts as a single stop solution to create a lead with less investment of time, results in capturing more lead and enhance sales.

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I would love to see a teams integration with the feed in Creatio.  Is that possible?  Sales and Service

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Hello Mike, 


You can synchronize Microsoft Teams meetings with Creatio if they are synchronized into your Outlook calendar. More detailed instructions can be found in the Synchronize calendar with MS Exchange and Microsoft 365 Academy article. 


The created meetings in Teams are being synchronized into Outlook, and as a result, they are displayed in Creatio system.


Please, let us know in case any further information is required. 


Best regards, 


Olga Avis,

I was actually referencing the messaging functionality of teams.

Hello Mike, 


Thank you for the clarification!

I will register the idea for our R&D team to overview the possibility of integrating the Creatio with the Microsoft teams chat feature in further releases. 


As for now, chats functionality enables the possibility to create new chats from Facebook Messenger or Telegram. More detailed information can be found in the following articles: 


Best regards, 



I' m getting this question more and more from customers and also from potential customers. Would be nice if we can offer an integration. 

Hello Sandra, 


Thank you for your comment!

We have already created the appropriate project for our R&D team. We will increase its priority for realization in further releases. 


Thank you for helping us become better!


Best regards, 


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I am trying to add my hotmail account to my instance but unfortunately have not been able to do so.


Could you please guide me on how to do that? I already have my gmail added in the instance.

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Dear AAykay,

You need to go to the mailbox setup, click on a button new and input your email address. In the pop-up window you need to add a new server. In the new window click on 'New' and choose 'Microsoft Exchange Web Services' option. Here you need to indicate the title of the server and its address. You can clarify the server address with your system administrator. Once the address is added, you may save all the changes and input the email box password. 

More details and screenshots can be found here -…

Best regards,


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