Hi Team,


Have a query regarding widget we design in the dashboard can be read filter from the dashboard to modify our output on the widget.

If it is possible please share a scenario with implementation 

This will be really useful to meet some business requirement 


Thank You in Advance 

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Hello Braj,


Unfortunately, I was not able to find an example you requested but you can always check all the needed parameters in the Academy Article that is related to Dashboard widgets and their customizations.


Best regards,

Bogdan S.

Hi Bogdan,


we need to calculate the loss ratio from some data sets 


ex. we have 100 records out of which 70 has profit field filled and 30 has loss field filled.

Based on filtration we performed on the dashboard/pivot report we get  records (N can be  10,20,30 or any number 


Now I want a loss ratio (loss/profit) of those N records only.


in this case loss ratio = sum of loss from filtered records /sum of profits from filtered records.


Hope you got the requirement if case any query please contact me.


Thank You

Braj Raj singh Kushwaha,


Your business task is quite clear but still, there is no existing example of code that you can use. Please, check the article that I sent before and do all the required development.


Best regards,

Bogdan S.

Bogdan Spasibov,

Thank You so much 


your article was very useful It helped me to do some other requirement.

Even fund some app that was free to use and my task was completed using them.


Once again thank you so much

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