Filtering the records of a detail upon a button click

I have a button on a detail that I want to use to filter the records in the said detail upon clicking it. The Apply filter option doesn't seem to be there. Quick filters seem to be working for a section but not on a detail. 


Anyone knows a possible solution ?




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hi Abilash,

Have you checked by refreshing the page?
Did you debug to see the execution of the Detail button event?

If the execution of the event is successful, then Grid data must be refreshed and published by applying the latest filter data.
It is possible to implement the quick filter module following this article

Bhoobalan Palanivelu

Hi Bhoobalan Palanivelu,


Thanks for your reply.


First part of your question, applying the filter on the detail upon clicking the button is the issue for me.  As for the second part, I've tried implementing the quick filter on the detail but to no avail. It's not throwing an error but nor am I getting the required output.





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