Unable to provide access to newly created activity via process

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We are trying to provide access to newly created activity but instead it provides access by default to all the employees and owner of the activity.


We have written a process, were as soon as the activity is created we modify the access by removing access to all the users and by providing access to certain user.


But, the process gets called but the access doesn’t get assigned or removed as provided in the process design.


It still shows access to all employees and owner of the activity.


Question : How do we provide access to certain user while activity is created.


Attached, screenshot of the activity object permission. 

Process written for the assigning the access to the activity
The access of the activity after the process has been completed.




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Judging by the screenshot of the process you've sent the element "Set up Access rights " is not connected to the process. Please make sure it's connected and try again. 
If the issue persists don't hesitate to reply to this message. 

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Few questions ,


Who creates the activity ? Is it a admin or non Admin user ? 

If its non admin user then the above process will not work since the process owner would be a non admin role and in this case you may need to do some changes in the system settings for the user to give access. 


Let me know if this solves .


Thank you for the answer, it makes perfect sense. This may certainly be the case as well. 

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