Save validation method in mobile

Hello Team!

Somebody know if there is a save validation in mobile like the method in web version:

			asyncValidate: function(callback, scope){
						resultObject.success = false;
						resultObject.message = scope.get("Resources.Strings.SummitionNoAcepted");, resultObject);
				}], scope);

I need to validate if a detail has records added before save the record.

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Hello Federico,


There is an onSaveButtonTap method in the base edit page controller schema that is triggered when the record is saved. There is no async validator there, but in case you need to check something for the saved record upon saving then you need to look at that method call.


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

 Thanks Oscar. I need to create a page controller for a custom section? There is some documentation about that?

Federico Buffa ...,


No we don't have such an instruction unfortunately.


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

 Thank you so much. Just wondering if that method can be use in the module config or needs to be in another schema. I don't have much information about mobile structure.

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